Beer at Wawa? Yes, Please

A store in Delaware County could break the barrier.

Photo illustration | Alyse Moyer

Photo illustration | Alyse Moyer

Buying beer at Wawa is closer to becoming a reality.

Wawa is seeking approval to sell beer at its Concordville, Pa. location on Naamans Creek Road. Other nearby retailers like Wegmans and Whole Foods sell alcohol, so why not Wawa?

The request “is similar to applications for the sale of beer recently approved for other retailers in that area,” said Lori Bruce, public relations manager at Wawa. “The spacious layout of this store location will permit us to add seating and have a designated food service area, which would allow us to apply to obtain the license needed to sell beer.”

Wawa already sells beer in at its locations in Maryland, Virginia and Florida.

All you excited Wawa fans should temper your exceptions. It will still be a long struggle before Wawa or any convenience store will be able to sell beer in the archaic liquor state known as Pennsylvania.

“For now, we view this as a single store product expansion,” said Bruce. “We may look to expand the offering depending on our experience at this store and the licensing requirements in the communities and states we serve.”