Once And For All: Miley Cyrus Is Only Having One Wedding

I have to say, I haven’t paid all that much attention to all the hoopla these past weeks surrounding Miley Cyrus and her supposed three-wedding nuptial celebration with actor Liam Hemsworth. Honestly, celebrities have done much weirder things when it comes to their weddings, marriages—lots of stuff—and also, I just don’t find myself overly concerned with this particular knot-tying.

That said, it is somewhat comforting to know that the three-wedding thing is not true, according to the bride herself, who recently spoke to Ellen Degeneres. Seems her dad basically just made that up—to, who knows, amuse himself?—when speaking with the press recently.

I have to say, for this wedding, I’m a little more looking forward to seeing how the groom looks on his Big Day than the bride. Is that wrong?

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