Chip: Florida Never Contacted Me

Chip Kelly spent the early portion of his Wednesday press conference answering (in very succinct fashion) questions about the University of Florida rumors.

Have you or your agent been contacted by Florida?

“Nope. No.”

Would you talk to them if they called?


What do you think when things like that come up?

“I laugh.”

Is it flattering?

“No. I think it’s silly.”


“Because it’s a rumor, it’s not the truth. I think things that are false are silly.”

The Gators appear to be in serious talks with Colorado State’s Jim McElwain, so this rumor was getting ready to fizzle out just like the USC and Texas rumors did last year. But there will be more. With that in mind, Kelly was asked to speak to his level of contentment as an NFL head coach.

“Our whole mantra around here is be where your feet are, and my feet are right here, and that’s all we ever talk about,” he said. ”I can’t control what other people think or other people write, so I’ve never been concerned with it, never will be concerned with it.

“I have been very, very fortunate in my career. Everywhere I’ve been has been a great situation. I had an unbelievable opportunity when I was at New Hampshire and I loved it there and could have stayed there for the rest of my life. And then the same thing at Oregon. I loved Oregon, I love those players, they the have the opportunity to play for the Pac 12 Championship this Friday night. I loved that group, I love that coaching staff, I loved being at Oregon. I loved everything about it. But I had an opportunity to come here. I’ve been very happy everywhere I’ve been and I’m happy being here now. People are going to have rumors about where you’re going to go and all those other things. Like I’ve said in a lot of situations, no one has ever asked me.”