Police: DeSean Not Under Investigation

A spokesperson for the Philadelphia Police Department told Birds 24/7 Friday afternoon that DeSean Jackson is not under investigation for wrongdoing related to the break-in at his South Philadelphia residence in January. Further, there was a discrepancy on the original police report that has since been corrected.

Based off an initial interview with Jackson’s mother, it was believed that approximately $200,000 was missing from Jackson’s home  along with a firearm and jewelry valued at approximately $125,000. After speaking with Jackson, they determined that the following was unaccounted for:

— A Ruger handgun valued at $700
— A Rolex Presidential with diamonds valued at $110,000
—  $20,000 in currency

“He provided accurate information from the very beginning,” said Lieutenant John Stanford, a public information officer.

Asked if Jackson was being investigated for any wrongdoing, Stanford replied: “He is absolutely not under investigation.”