Kelly Grades Himself At 58.8 Percent

Chip Kelly was asked today to evaluate his first year on the job.

“I give myself a 58.8 percent,” he said.

How did you arrive at that number?

“That’s winning 10 games out of 17.”

The Eagles’ head coach addressed the media today for the last time in awhile. He has reviewed the film of Saturday night’s 26-24 loss to the Saints, mulled over the mistakes and started on an offseason plan.

“There were some plays that we talk about offensively, we left the meat on the bone a little bit,” he said. “We could have been a little bit better. There were some things defensively. We missed some tackles at times. There were a lot of positives, but they made more plays than us. The Saints did a really good job of executing, and we came up short. But there were some issues offensively, defensively and special teams that when you look at it, you wish we could have that one back.”

Asked if he allowed himself to have some time to unwind mentally, Kelly said: “I had yesterday. That was about it. I mean, it’s a tough process, and I think you can beat yourself up, and yesterday wasn’t a lot of fun. There were a lot of us, we weren’t supposed to be in as coaches, but there were a lot of us in as coaches, and you’re kind of, ‘What do we do now?’ But we’ve got to move forward. We have got to get going, and there’s a lot of things to do.”


As players cleaned out their lockers at the NovaCare Complex, several posed for photos with Michael Vick or asked him to sign various gear.

There’s a chance the veteran quarterback could return as a backup, but more likely, his career in Philadelphia is over.

Asked what it was like to coach Vick, Kelly said: “I love Michael Vick. I mean, that guy is awesome, and I think how he handled a very difficult situation, because of Nick [Foles’] success, I don’t think that… that’s not any indication of Michael’s non-success. And I think what we’ve asked him to do since I got here, he’s done everything.

“Unfortunately, he got hurt, and that gave an opportunity to another guy, and I think sometimes for a lot of people, you put yourself in those shoes, that’s hard to wrap your arms around because it’s not like Michael was wrong and Michael got benched. It was just a unique situation, and I think how he handled it, how he helped Nick through the process, it just tells you the type of person he is and the type of teammate he is, and I think that didn’t go unnoticed by me, and I appreciate everything he did my first year here.”


Asked about DeSean Jackson’s contract situation, Kelly said: “I don’t talk about contracts. I’m never going to have a discussion over it. I do think everybody in this should be paid more, though.”

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