Vinny Curry, Fletcher Cox Discuss New Roles

We checked in on Vinny Curry and Fletcher Cox to see how they are adapting to their new roles in Billy Davis‘ 3-4 hybrid scheme.

Curry is currently weighing in at 280 pounds, up significantly from last year when he was a little over 260. He said the weight gain was not at the coaching staff’s request, but came about organically during his workout process this offseason. A natural edge rusher with athleticism, many had the former second-round pick pegged as an outside linebacker in this system. Instead, the bulked-up Curry has spent most of his time with his hand in the dirt as a 3-4 defensive end.

“Out here working hard, busting my ass. Getting good feedback,” said Curry, who has been working primarily with the second team.

Having played in Jim Washburn‘s quarterback-attacking Wide-9 scheme, Curry is adjusting to the new detail. He has some two-gap responsibilities, his keys are different, and the position requires greater patience.

He got a lessen in patience last season, when a seemingly-promising rookie season never got off the ground.

“I did get low,” Curry admitted. “Who wouldn’t get low? You get picked in the second round and the preseason goes well, then the season comes and it’s like, ‘Alright, fade to the back.’ But that’s the nature of the business.”

Curry actually turned to Cox for support during that time. The two have become pretty good friends since being selected by the Eagles a round apart in 2012. Cox is making the transition to 3-4 end as well, though his positional leap isn’t as large.

“I did the same thing in college, moving around a whole lot. Defensive end, defensive tackle. It didn’t matter where I was,” said Cox, who finished with 5 1/2 sacks last season as a 4-3 tackle. “Certain packages, certain situations, they want me outside or they want me inside. I’ve got to get the job done.

“I enjoy it. It’s the most fun part about it. It’s fun. I get to see a lot of different looks, not just the same look inside.”

That’s part of the key here. Davis will be using multiple fronts. Guys like Curry will be asked to do different things depending on the situation.

“We’re not just a 3-4 team. If you see us, we are also in the 4-3. Just different things and different schemes for different people’s skill sets. We’ve got a play where it’s me, [Brandon Graham], Trent Cole, all of us on one line. Everybody is mixed up a little bit, and they’re trying to see who’s good at what.”

As for what Curry is being asked to do?

“Straight five-technique, a little bit of outside. A little bit of razzle here a little bit of dazzle there.”

He says that even though he’s 280 pounds, he is running like he is 250. We’ll see, but so far he has Cox’s stamp of approval.

“I think Vinny is doing a real good job at it,” said Cox. “We come out here and we feed off each other. If he’s down I pick him up; if I’m down, he picks me up. And I think he’s adjusting real good to it.”