Twitter Mailbag: Love, Bears and Backs Edition

Every Thursday we’ll roll out a Twitter Mailbag. Pretty simple: We take questions you have asked us on Twitter, and publish them here with more long-form answers. Because sometimes 140 characters just  isn’t enough, and Sulia is the worst invention on the planet.

Let’s start with this poor guy, whose boss apparently finds Birds 24/7 a little too exciting.

From @NFLGoEagles

my boss rates  as sexualy explicit. Can`t visit from work @SheilKapadia @Tim_McManus 

The site is damn sexy, I’ll give you that. Never thought we’d fall into the NSFW category, though. I blame Kapadia.

From @PatrickPhilbin
Which RBs do you think make the roster?

Right now I’m going with Dion Lewis and Bryce Brown behind LeSean McCoy. I actually believe Chris Polk will find a home in the NFL and could be pretty productive, but he doesn’t strike me as a fit for this system.

Brown told me that he has “never” pass protected in his life, which is obviously a major hurdle considering the system he’s playing in. He is a heck of a talent, though, and seems to have his head screwed on straight right now. Both Polk and Brown will get a fair shot. If neither shines, I’d imagine they’ll start looking to acquire a veteran.

From @muldoon_patrick
how will the eagles linebacking core look this year? Starting 3 and who will be backing up? #Eagles

Sheil did a preview of this position if you want a more detailed answer. DeMec o Ryans mans the middle, rookie Mychal Kendricks will likely be at the SAM and I’d imagine there will be some musical chairs at the weakside spot until they eventually settle on a rotation. Makes sense to me that Jamar Chaney, assumimg his neck injury is behind him, could snag that spot with Brian Rolle being featured more in nickel situations. But it appears that Rolle is in the early lead to be the starter. There is also an outside chance that Casey Matthews can make a push.

From @l1urack
is hotel California better than take it easy??

Of course it is.

From @notDrewCroesus
Alright,you and one eagles defensive lineman are stuck in a room with a black bear. Who you got? #choosewisely

Well, we know Jason Babin, Trent Cole and Fletcher Cox all hunt. Babin went bear hunting in Alaska this offseason but came away empty-handed, then ditched the idea to run with the bulls. I’m going Cole, because I firmly believe even a bear would get nervous and run when in a staring contest with that man.

From @MDB555
Are there any options out the as far as backup TE or is Clay Harbor the guy?

Brett Brackett is the other guy in camp right now. I still wouldn’t rule out Jeremy Shockey coming here. I think there is still a level of interest and if Harbor doesn’t stand out, the former Giant and Saint might just get a shot.


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