5 Places for a Drop-In Sauna Sesh Plus Wellness Perks in the Philly Area

Go to get your sweat on. Stay for services like massage, movement, and meditation.

The sauna at Old City’s The Wellness Refinery (left) and a yoga session at Flourtown’s Sanctuary Wellness Studio. / Left photograph courtesy of The Wellness Refinery and right photograph by Victoria Lin Photography

Trade your winter chill for a sauna sesh. A dry-heat, steam-based or infrared sauna — that last one heats your body directly, not just the air around you, via infrared light waves — can have year-round benefits that include reducing stress and alleviating muscle soreness. Those perks are amplified when paired with treatments like meditation and movement, leaving your mind and body rejuvenated. That’s why these spots offer drop-in sauna visits and wellness services — to maximize your self-care anytime you want. (For a full guide to where to book a drop-in sauna session, go here.)

Chung Dam Spa & Fitness

For sauna plus an all-inclusive experience

Go because this Korean spa has a warm granite room heated to a toasty 160 degrees — and stay because your $30 day pass includes access to an herbal steam bath, hot jade stone and clay rooms and a hot tub. 41 East Cheltenham Avenue, Cheltenham.

Formation Sauna + Wellness

For sauna plus mind-body relief

Here, a Nordic-inspired sauna is powered by water sprinkled over hot stones. Guests heat up for five to 15 minutes, take a brief ice-cold shower to promote blood flow, and repeat up to four times. Stick around for sound-bath meditation, which is aligned with the full moon. 305 Brown Street, Northern Liberties.

Modrn Sanctuary

For sauna plus ultimate inner healing

Having made its Philly debut in November, this spot is home to an infrared sauna that’s combined with Himalayan salt, which promotes better breathing and optimal relaxation. Bonus: There’s an array of holistic wellness services, including an energy-healing chakra-crystal bed for complete inner peace. 1420 Walnut Street, suite 1212, Center City.

Sanctuary Wellness Studio

For sauna plus restorative movement

Formerly Chestnut Hill Cycle Fitness, this studio is dedicated to re-centering through low-impact, mindful yoga, Pilates and barre classes. Its single-person infrared sauna — which reaches 175 degrees — can be booked with or without a class reservation. 735 Bethlehem Pike, Flourtown.

The Wellness Refinery

For sauna plus nutritious sips

The infrared sauna here can be enjoyed solo or with your self-care sidekick and enhanced with mood- and energy-boosting color or light therapy. Afterward, don’t skip on the tonic bar for superfood smoothies, fresh juices, and herbal lattes and teas. 216 Church Street, Old City.

Published as “Some Like It Hot!” in the February 2023 issue of Philadelphia magazine.