Where to Book a Drop-In Sauna Session in and Around Philadelphia

Here’s where to go when you want to warm up — without needing a membership or an additional treatment.

The sauna at Chestnut Hill Cycle Fitness. / Photograph by Chestnut Hill Cycle Fitness.

Are you sick of freezing your butt off? Same! Nix layering three sweatshirts under a parka for a sauna, where 100-plus degree temps are ready to roast you until being cold is in your rearview mirror. Plus, saunas are said to have year-round benefits like reducing stress (and, in turn, boosting mood), improving circulation, and alleviating muscle soreness.

Ready to really warm up? Below, a list of local sauna spots where you can book a drop-in session, so that you can relax (and sweat!) without needing a membership or booking an additional spa treatment.

Ame Salon and Spa

111 Waynewood Avenue, Wayne

This salon and spa in Wayne is home to an infrared sauna, which emits infrared light to create heat that warms your body — without those skin-damaging UV rays — and not just the air around you. Book a 20-minute session for $25, a 35-minute session for $45, or a 50-minute session for $65. Ame also offers packages if you know you’re going to make this more than a one-time thing.

Aura Esthetic Spa & Sauna

98 Buck Road, Southampton

The bath house at Aura Esthetic offers private parties (six people minimum, 18 people max) in the banya, a hot steam bath traditional in Russian culture. First, you’ll get massaged by venik, a bundle of leafy twigs used to stimulate blood flow and relieve muscle and joint pain. After heating up, you’ll take a dip in the ice pool and rejuvenate your skin with organic soap. Your appointment lasts four hours and costs $130 per person.

Center City Cleanse

1740 South Street, Suite 301, Graduate Hospital

Center City Cleanse features individual infrared sauna pods where guests can rest, relax, and reap the benefits of a private session. It also has a jade infrared sauna, which is lined with jade stones to promote physical and mental healing. You can opt for 30-minute ($30) or 45-minute ($45) pod sessions, or enjoy an hour in the jade sauna for $65.

Chestnut Hill Cycle Fitness

735 Bethlehem Pike, Flourtown

In addition to a range of fitness classes, Chestnut Hill Cycle Fitness recently introduced a single-person infrared sauna that reaches 175 degrees Fahrenheit. Fresh linens are provided, the sauna is pre-warmed, and guests can connect their music to the Bluetooth speakers. The sauna can be booked for 30 minutes ($35) or 45 minutes ($55) with or without a workout. There are also five- and 10-packs available for purchase.

The sauna at Chestnut Hill Cycle Fitness can be booked separate from fitness classes. / Photograph by Laura Brzyski.

Chung Dam Spa and Fitness

41 East Cheltenham Avenue, Cheltenham

You’ll go because this Korean spa has a warm granite room heated to a toasty 160 degrees — but you’ll stay because it also has herbal steam baths, a hot jade stone room, a hot clay room, and a hot tub heated to 103 degrees. A day pass costs $27.

City Hydration

1315 Walnut Street (inside The Philadelphia Building), Suite 1132, Midtown Village

City Hydration’s mission is to improve the “health and well-being of individuals” by offering a wide range of services like IV therapy, hydrafacials, and compression recovery. There’s also a sauna (obv), which allows two people at a time. Appointments are required, and can be made for 30 minutes ($30) or 45 minutes ($45). Bonus: There’s an Avalon location.

City Hydration has two locations: one in Midtown Village and the other in Avalon. / Photograph courtesy of City Hydration.

C.R.Y.O. Philadelphia

1700 Sansom Street, Suite 501, Rittenhouse

The cryotherapy is available for those who want to recover in frigid temps, but for those who prefer heat-based therapy, hit the infrared sauna. First-timers can book a 30-minute session for $45, while current customers get double the amount of time for the same price. Wanna make a date out of it? Book a 60-minute couple’s sesh for $75.

Cryo Myst Therapy Lounge

510 West Lancaster Avenue, Haverford

Another cryo spot offering a sauna experience — this time in the ‘burbs! Haverford’s Cryo Myst Therapy Lounge infrared sauna offers customizable light therapy so you can tailor your sesh to your liking. Enjoy a 30-minute session for $35.

Fitness Works Philadelphia

714 Reed Street, South Philly

This fitness center has a wide range of classes and amenities for members, but also provides a $15 day pass so anyone can enjoy the facility, including the dry-heat sauna and heated, three-lane pool.


27 North Maple Avenue, #1, Marlton, NJ

Float may have gotten its name from its pools, but the Marlton location also features two infrared saunas suitable for solo or couple’s sessions. There’s also a cold plunge shower, standard shower, and a ton of included amenities. A 60-minute session costs $49, while a 30-minute session is $29. There’s also a range of options for pre-float sauna time and recurring membership.

Formation Sauna + Wellness

305 Brown Street, Northern Liberties

​Formation Sauna + Wellness offers a Nordic-inspired sauna experience, with guests spending five to 15 minutes relaxing in the sauna (which can reach 195 degrees Fahrenheit!), then taking an ice-cold three-to-five-minute shower to promote blood flow. Rinse, and repeat two to four times. Formation offers sauna packages for one to four people in 60- and 90-minute increments. Plus, you can add on treatments like aromatherapy, a facial, and an immune-boosting elixir. (Peep the full pricing guide here.)

The Nordic-inspired sauna at Formation Sauna + Wellness. / Photograph courtesy of Formation Sauna + Wellness.

Halcyon Floats

1314 North Front Street, Fishtown

Halcyon Floats in Fishtown offers float therapy, sound healing, and salt therapy, plus an infrared sauna that can hold up to three people. No matter if you’re coming alone ($29) or with buddies ($44 for two; $54 for three), all sessions at Halcyon last 30 minutes.


1030 North American Street, Suite 901, Northern Liberties

Konect is home to a variety of wellness and recovery services, from IV drips to cryotherapy. It runs infrared sauna sessions lasting 30 or 45 minutes, and is completely private. The stand-out feature of Konect’s sauna is its chromotherapy lighting, which means you can select specific colors to illuminate the sauna for the purpose of mental and emotional ease. Visit for 30 minutes ($42) or 45 minutes ($60 solo; $100 with one other person).

The infrared sauna at Konect can be supplemented with color therapy. / Photograph courtesy of Konect.

Le Rêve Rittenhouse

255 South 17th Street, Suite 400, Rittenhouse

This Rittenhouse day spa allows drop-in bookings for both its dry-heat sauna and wet-steam sauna. Your sweat sesh is good for 30 minutes and will cost $45. Currently, bookings must be made over the phone (215-701-6272).

Main Line Float & Freeze

24 West Lancaster Avenue, Ardmore

In addition to float pools, cryotherapy, and compression therapy, Ardmore’s Main Line Float & Freeze has an infrared sauna suitable for one or two people. If you’re sweating solo, you can do so for 20 minutes ($25) or 40 minutes ($40). A 40-minute couple’s session runs $60.

Nirvana Wellness Med Spa

925 North 2nd Street, Northern Liberties

Nirvana Wellness Med Spa calls its infrared sauna an “infrared therapy cabin,” reaching temps of 150 degrees Fahrenheit in a comfortable-sized sauna space. You’ve got options when it comes to booking: 30 minutes for $35, 45 minutes for $55, or 45 minutes for two people for $75. You can also add color therapy or halotherapy (a.k.a. salt therapy) to your session for an additional cost.

At Nirvana Wellness Med Spa, you can add color or salt therapy to your sauna treatment. / Photograph by Nirvana Wellness Med Spa.

RejuvaNew You Spa

28 West Eagle Road, Suite 203, Havertown

The infrared saunas at this Havertown spa can hold up to two people, so you can relax alone or with a friend. RejuvaNew You also features a Himalayan salt room, which is said to be beneficial for vascular and respiratory healing, blood sugar stabilization, and sleep improvement. $25 will get you 60 minutes in the sauna, or you purchase an eight-pack for $150.

Southampton Spa

141 Second Street Pike, Southampton

A day pass ($50; $45 on Mondays and Tuesdays) gets you into the facility, where there’s not only a sauna, but a steam room, oxygen steam bath, Russian bath, Turkish bath, and pool. Plus, we hear the food is pretty good.

The Wellness Refinery

216 Church Street, Old City

The infrared sauna at The Wellness Refinery in Old City has been a popular choice for city residents since 2019. The sauna can reach 158 degrees Fahrenheit, and your experience can be enhanced by color therapy if you so choose. Sessions are available in 30- and 45-minute increments, with prices ranging from $40 to $110. (See all the rates, plus packages and membership options here.) Pro tip: Don’t skip on the tonic bar before leaving!