This Longtime Philly Dance Company Just Opened a New Studio in Fairmount

Silvana Cardell's new dance studio helps Fairmount continue to up its health, wellness, and culture game.

Photo Courtesy of Cardell Dance Studio

A new dance studio has opened in Fairmount from longtime Philadelphia theater and dance staple Silvana Cardell, who is the director and choreographer of her own dance company. Her new endeavor is Cardell Dance Studio on Melon Street, which popped up right off of Fairmount Avenue recently.

The studio is new, but Cardell Dance Company started over ten years ago, back in 2009 when the dancer and teacher decided to move her studio in Buenos Aires to Philadelphia. (She has roots in the city: she holds a BFA in Dance from the University of the Arts and an MFA in Choreography from Temple.) Since then, the Philly dance company has made its mark on the city, performing in venues like the Annenberg Center and The Wilma.

She created the studio in the hopes of using dance to create social change as well as to finally have a space that she can call her own.

“I’ve been doing this since 2009 without a physical space of my own — mostly renting places, or getting places donated for rehearsal. I felt like this was a moment that I needed to have my own place and settle. I want to do my production from there, and offer the community around me of the possibility of coming to see artists, to have dance and showings of different local artists, as well as offering all our expertise as physical trainers in dance.”

Photo Courtesy of Cardell Dance Studio

“I live in the area, two blocks away from where the space is, and I saw there were different businesses coming up,” Cardell explains, “There was a lot of restaurants and gyms. I thought it would be a great idea to open an artistic venue.”

She wanted to bring more art and culture to the neighborhood: “I found a space that would work for dance,” she says, “Space is really important; if you don’t find the exact right space, you can’t start doing it. The space is really beautiful: it has really high ceilings; it’s an open plan with no corners and with hardwood floors.”

Cardell wanted to create her own mix of offerings, where people of different ages and skill sets are welcome to join. Her winter classes run through March 2nd and classes range from Afro-Cuban dance to creative and urban dance to ballet — and there are Mommy & Me classes to boot.  Children’s class series typically cost $135 for eight weeks; adult class series typically cost $120; and professional and industry classes typically costs $90 to 100 depending on the class — but reach out or check the website to confirm. As for private lessons, single lessons typically cost $120 and four lessons typically cost $440. (Worth noting: there are discounts for families, which can be found online.)

Photo Courtesy of Cardell Dance Studio

Overall, Cardell hopes the addition will help bolster a love of dance in the community — and give people a new health and wellness avenue to explore.

“These classes will be great for professional dancers or dancers who have taken classes in college and want to take a similar movement class,” Cardell says, “Plus we’re offering classes for all ages, focusing on children, too. Many of my company are young dancers with an expertise in teaching children. I’m thrilled to offer classes for the general population that wants to look for new and interesting ways of maintaining their health and fitness — it works because that’s what we do for living.”

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