Everything You Need to Know About Himalayan Salt Rooms in Philly

Himalayan salt rooms are ideal for unwinding — and have purported happiness-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties.

Photo courtesy of Exhale Spa and Ocean Casino Resort

If you’re paying attention to the latest in self-care and wellness, you’ll have noticed alternative therapies (chromotherapy, amethyst mat therapy and crystal singing bowl sessions) have become a lot more popular. Among these is halotherapy, or Himalayan salt therapy — that’s also why everyone and their brother has a tiny Himalayan salt lamp, now.

But, it’s not just a stylistic thing. Himalayan salt room therapy purportedly has some health benefits. Salt naturally has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties that can contribute to the loosening of excessive mucus and improving the immune system — halotherapy treatments involve breathing salty air. According to a 2017 study in Pediatric Pulmonology, children with mild asthma who went for two halotherapy sessions per week gained greater improvements in their asthma symptoms compared to children with mild asthma who did not attend halotherapy sessions.

And, Himalayan salt (rock salt mined from the south of the Himalayas) is said to contain additional positive minerals and elements. It’s also supposed to be helpful for depression and anxiety, because of its release of “negative ions.” This theoretically causes your body to release more serotonin, one of the chemicals behind feelings of happines. But, aside from highly limited studies, the evidence is mostly anecdotal, and could be a placebo effect — so take all of this with, as they say, a grain of salt.

Whether you think it’s life-changing or just a relaxing and meditative way to pass a quiet hour with your pals, here’s a list of all the Himalayan salt rooms you can visit in the greater Philadelphia area.

 Le Rêve Spa

255 S 17th Street, Rittenhouse.

Photo courtesy La Rêve Rittenhouse Spa

Le Rêve Spa offers a large array of massages, manicures and pedicures, and total spa packages — and encourages their guests to utilize one of their Himalayan salt room therapy suites as a finishing touch after receiving their spa treatment. Or, you can just hit up the Himalayan salt room on its own for some quiet relaxation. Open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days of the week, a 30-minute stay in Le Rêve’s salt grotto is priced at $25.

 The Salt Cave

304 N Main Street, Doylestown; 10 S State Street, Newtown.

Photo courtesy of The Salt Cave

The Salt Cave’s two locations pride themselves on being the original and only certified salt caves offering Himalayan salt rooms to be found in Bucks County. Found in the boroughs of Newtown and Doylestown, their caves are very popular with both locals and tourists. The Salt Cave’s two locations feature a variety of healing services as well as a retail store displaying all things salt-related for your home’s kitchen and bath. Both locations offer a 45-minute stay in their Himalayan salt caves priced at $35. Children are welcomed to tag along with their parents for an extra $5.

 Exhale Spa + Bathhouse

Ocean Casino Resort, 500 Boardwalk, Atlantic City NJ.

Photo courtesy of Exhale Spa and Ocean Casino Resort

Ocean Casino Resort believes in reclaiming your mental sanity. Ocean’s Exhale Spa + Bathhouse encompasses 33,000 square feet on the 11th floor of the hotel, 3,000 of which are dedicated to their Himalayan salt grotto. Amongst many other spa attractions, Exhale’s Himalayan salt grotto is a hotel guest favorite. The bathhouse also includes a bar open to Spa guests for that extra touch of relaxation. All visits in Exhale’s salt grotto are included in the cost of day pass at Exhale Spa + Bathhouse, which costs $70 for non-hotel guests and $55 for guests staying at Ocean Casino Resort.

Salt MedSpa of Glen Mills

Photo courtesy of Salt MedSpa of Glen Mills

16 Wilmington West Chester Pike #3, Chadds Ford.

Salt MedSpa of Glen Mills boasts two halotherapy rooms. The children’s Activity Room features a large mural painted by Tegan Bellitta, pink Himalayan salt covered floors where the children can play as if they are on the beach, salt-covered walls, and a TV playing cartoons so they can be occupied. The adult Relaxation Room has pink-Himalayan salt-covered floor and salt-covered walls as well, and features a black ceiling with fiber optic stars and a relaxing glow from salt lamps. This room has relaxing spa music playing and the room is darkened for meditation, relaxation and even naps. Both have Halomed Halogenerators that grind pharmaceutical grade salt down to less than 5 microns which is dispersed into the air throughout the session to create a concentrated dry salt aerosol environment. Book a session on their website.

Salt of the Earth

628 Twin Ponds Road, Lehigh Valley.

Photo courtesy of Salt of the Earth

At Salt of the Earth Massage Therapy & Himalayan Salt Cave, guests can choose to unwind with halotherapy, reflexology, or therapeutic massage sessions inside their Himalayan salt room for a total body wellness experience. Salt of the Earth’s interactive cave is available for individual, private, and group sessions where guests can opt to ease into zero gravity lounge chairs or lie directly in the 8,000 pounds of warm or cold Himalayan salt. A 45-minute stay in their Himalayan salt room is priced at $27, and only $25 for clients paying in cash.

Blue Moon Wellness

707 E Clements Bridge Road, Runnemede, NJ.

Courtesy of Blue Moon Wellness

Reviews from clients of Blue Moon Wellness’s Himalayan salt room have admitted their experiences to leaving their souls feeling “radiant.” Open from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. seven days of the week, Blue Moon Wellness is a nice pit stop to take on your way home after a stressful day in the office. A 45-minute stay in their Himalayan salt room is priced at $30.

Himalayan Salt and Wellness Cave

1494 N. Charlotte Street, Pottstown;4671 West Chester Pike, Newtown Square.

Courtesy of Himalayan Salt Wellness

Himalayan Salt and Wellness Cave of Pottstown and Newtown Square consider their services to be the alternative people have been looking for in supporting their health and well-being in a natural and nurturing way. From the benefits of salt therapy to the healing of Reiki, reflexology, and yoga, the Himalayan Salt and Wellness Cave truly has something for everyone. One 45-minute session at the Pottstown location is $20 for adults. One 45-session at the Newtown Square location is $29 for adults. Both locations offer discounted rates to seniors over the age of 60.

 Soul Spirit Salt Spa

457 Easton Road, Horsham.

Courtesy of Soul Spirit Salt Spa

Dottie Gannotti, owner of Soul Spirit Salt Spa, has been an energy therapist and teacher of the healing arts for 22 years. She opened her spa 5 years ago, added the spa’s first Himalayan salt room almost 3 years ago, and in the past 7 months, she added an additional two salt rooms. She is amazed by her clients who have credited Soul Spirit’s Himalayan salt rooms as natural healers, some even stopping medications and finding improvements in their diseases. She prides her spa’s salt rooms as being “true soul sanctuaries.” A 45-minute salt session at Soul Spirit costs $35, and an extra $14 for children under the age of twelve that are accompanied by an adult.

Halo Wellness Center

968 Route 73 South, Marlton, NJ.

Photo courtesy Halo Wellness Center

Halo Wellness Center’s Himalayan salt room was one of the first to be introduced in the South Jersey area. Halo has the only salt rooms in the area that provides private sessions for their clients. Each session in their Himalayan salt room includes a warm neck wrap and blanket to provide further comfort and tranquility. A 45-minute stay in their Himalayan salt room is priced at $30, but clients can purchase one month of unlimited sessions for $300.

 Joseph Anthony Retreat Spa and Salon

400 W Sproul Road, Springfield.

Courtesy of Joseph Anthony Spa

And because salt doesn’t stop with Himalayan… the relaxation room at Joseph Anthony Salon includes a brine-salt-infused waterfall providing aromatherapy and mineral exposure to all of their clients. Sit back in one of Joseph Anthony’s lounge chairs in this co-ed relaxation room and let your body respond to the restorative nature of ocean breezes as the fresh mist from their brine waterfall, energizing light therapy, and calming music, encapsulate the environment around you.

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