Reap Wellness Is Bringing Healthier, Plant-Based Eating to the Main Line

Visions of turmeric quinoa, vanilla-coconut yogurt, and hot pink beet-tahini dressing are dancing through our heads.

Reap Wellness, Philly’s meat-, gluten- and dairy-free meal delivery service, is offering a special two-week test run to Main Line residents before expanding in January. / Photograph by Lauren McGrath.

Suburbanites, rejoice! Philly-based meal delivery service Reap Wellness will officially start delivering their nutritious (and actually delicious — we checked) plant-forward meals to the Main Line in January. The service first launched in July, and we’re tickled that they’re expanding. The dishes, dreamed up every week by holistic health coach (and former Be Well Philly editor) Adjua Fisher and chef Zach Rice, aim to be filling and filled with plants. They’re all about upping your plant-intake, because, they note, most of us simply don’t eat enough of those green things — according to some research, only 1 in 10 Americans eats the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables each day. Eek.

That’s a particularly bad stat when it comes to health, since eating a variety of plants is important for proper nutrient intake, and crucial to maintaining a healthy gut, too. (A healthy gut influences everything in your bod from digestion to mental health to skin health.) Enter: services like Reap, which ensure you’re eating meals loaded with a rainbow of veggies and greens. And, the best thing about this particular service is, Fisher and Rice’s whole ethos isn’t about eating less of anything: it’s about eating more of those nutrient-rich plants — along with whatever else you want to eat.

Is your interest piqued? Well, if you live in the ‘burbs, we have good news: Reap is running a limited two-week pre-launch service next month. That means, if you’re so inclined, that you can be one of their founding Main Line clients. The trial, which Reap is calling the “Main Line Reset,” happens right after Thanksgiving and right before the winter holidays, meaning you’ll get all the greens in between all the sweets (because #balance). Plus, you’ll also get specialty teas Reap created with Terra Luna Herbals, perfect for sipping on in your pjs on those cold winter nights.

We also have good news if you live in the city — you can just order a meal delivery service right now, since they’re already up and running here. (We love when we can just be the bearer of good news for literally everyone.)

Photograph by Lauren McGrath

During the weeks of December 2nd and December 6th, Reap’s ready-made meals and snacks — all which are free of gluten, dairy, meat, and refined sugars — will be delivered straight to your door, so that you don’t have to worry about meal-prepping, cooking, or worse, doing the damn dishes. Your two weeks of their medium-sized tier will include:

  • Six Rise Bites per week (think: energizing breakfast and mid-day snack options like probiotic-rich coconut yogurt and chai chia puddings).
  • Six Glow Bowls per week, which are Reap’s plant-based salads, grain bowls, and lettuce cups
  • Two Graze Bags per week, a.k.a. on-the-go snacks like carrot cake squares.

The two weeks of trial service costs $360 and you can opt in here. Keep in mind that it’s only available to addresses in the following areas: Wynnewood, Narberth, Ardmore, Bryn Mawr, Rosemont, Haverford, and Gladwyne. Sign-ups will end on November 28th (but they’ll likely reach their max capacity before then). So basically, hop to it if this is your jam — so you can enjoy all the plant-filled eating your green little heart desires this season.

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