Announcing Be Well Philly’s July Studio of the Month: F45 Training Center City

The HIIT-based functional training gym opened its newest location this past May.

F45 Training Center City is Be Well Philly’s July Studio of the Month. / Photo courtesy of F45 Training.

F45 Training Center City is our Be Well Philly Studio of the Month. If you’re a member (or become one; sign up here for $9 per month or $99 per year), you can redeem one free class at the studio in the month of July.

This just in, Be Well Fam! It’s the first of the month, which means we’re revealing our new featured studio. We’re thrilled to announce that F45 Training Center City is Be Well Philly’s July Studio of the Month!

Opened a little over two months ago, the Center City location is the newest addition to the F45 network. Under the leadership of owners Joe Swoyer and Dan Vizak, members are led through high-intensity interval training (HIIT), functional movements, and resistance- and cardio-based exercises—all in a group setting.

F45 Training, which began about eight years ago in Australia, offers 36 different workouts for members to “train smarter, not harder.” At the Center City location, Swoyer and Vizak have established a rotating regimen which not only keeps you (and your muscles) challenged, but guarantees a full-body workout. The 7-day cycle looks like this:

  • Mondays: Triple Double—a cardio-based circuit-training class, with 3 sets per station, 2 laps around the room, and 1 HIIT station.
  • Tuesdays: Tokyo Disco—a resistance workout which focuses on upper and lower body.
  • Wednesdays: Varsity—the ultimate cardio test. All we can say is get ready to sweat!
  • Thursdays: Moon Hopper—an intense 18-station resistance workout.
  • Fridays: Abacus—short, sprint-like cardio sets paired with bodyweight and functional exercises.
  • Saturdays: Hollywood—the signature F45 workout! An hour of HIIT circuits around 27 killer (but awesome!) stations.
  • Sundays: All Star—a resistance session isolating various muscle groups with props like kettlebells and free weights.

No matter which intense workout you choose, you’ll get a whole lot of support, plus a dose of friendly competition. The best part: Swoyer and Vizak, who are licensed and practicing physical therapists, make sure your safety is a top priority—along with having fun, of course.

Be Well Philly members receive one complimentary class at F45 Training Center City during the month of July. We can’t wait to see you crush your goals.