You Can Get Customized Workouts From This Bucks County Personal Trainer for $65 a Month

Tracy Bray, who runs the fitness and nutrition company Leany Greeny, will design 16 workouts a month that fit your exercise goals.

leany greeny

Certified personal trainer and Leany Greeny CEO Tracy Bray (pictured) is offering a new customized workout program for $65 a month. / Photograph courtesy of Tracy Bray

When Tracy Bray first started seriously working out, she did it to change her body. While backpacking in America (Bray is British) in her early 20s, she was inspired by an Aspen, Colorado, step instructor who had, as she says, “muscles popping like I’d never seen before.” She started taking personal training sessions and competing in fitness contests. As time went on, though, Bray began to question her motivations. “It started out more about aesthetics,” she says. “As I got older, it became, ‘Why am I doing this?’”

Now the New Hope-based Bray tries to pass her fitness and nutrition secrets on to others through her personal training company Leany Greeny, constantly trying to come up with new ways to help her clients feel healthier. Her latest idea involves customized exercise programs. She designs 16 personalized workouts a month — four per week — depending on each person’s specific fitness goals and access to equipment. (However, Bray does recommend buying dumbbells and resistance bands if you’re working out from home.) The movements will vary based on whether the intrepid exerciser is trying to gain muscle or execute 10 push-ups. In general, though, the full slate for the month will include cardio segments, strength training, and bodyweight workouts.

The Leany Greeny fitness program isn’t traditional personal training; Bray doesn’t meet with you in person to demonstrate exercises and motivate you to do one more rep. However, you can call, text, or email her at any time to ask questions, alert her of changes in your schedule (say you’re traveling for a week and will be working out at a hotel gym; Bray can change up your workouts to accommodate that), and update her on your progress.

The true benefit of remote coaching? Bray can keep her costs down, so you’re paying just $65 a month. It’s a good compromise between a generic program like Kayla Itsines’ BBG (around $20 a month) and personal training, which can be pricey. And, more important, it’s a good small investment in yourself.

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