12 Signs We Loved at This Year’s Broad Street Run

All that rain didn't stop the Broad Street spectators from getting creative and showing their support.

Broad Street runners stay motivated with the help of the unrelenting support of spectators. / Photograph by Laura Brzyski

This week at Be Well Philly, we’ll be featuring all kinds of running-related stories. This is one of them; stay tuned for more!

On Sunday morning, more than 40,000 people ran the Broad Street Run, a 10-mile race that runs from the city’s Logan section down to South Philly. Despite the incessant rain, participants maintained their stride, crossing the finish line with the help of training and sideline cheers. Given the conditions, spectators made an extra effort to show their support with ever-creative signs. In addition to the one above, here are 11 other signs we loved from this year’s race.


Be. Like. Gritty. / Photograph by Laura Brzyski

Run like your inner Gritty depends on it.

John Shook tapped into major Philly vibes. / Photograph by Laura Brzyski.

“Will run for cheesesteaks”  —All of Philadelphia.

Using Rain to Your Advantage

Will Bleier speaks the truth. / Photograph by Laura Brzyski

You can subtly hate the rain…


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…or you can be brutally honest.

Pop Culture References

Andrew Feuerstein with the harsh truth. / Photograph by Laura Brzyski

With references to Fortnite…

Sam Costa cheering on Noel Bartocci with some Avengers talk. / Photograph courtesy of Sam Costa



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…and Game of Thrones.

Personalized Perfection

Meg Sova, Anthony Principe, and Jamie Sweet cheer on their friend, who is apparently a space unicorn! / Photograph by Laura Brzyski

You can do anything if you’re a unicorn.

AJ Manohar and Jared Aezen went all out with these life-size personalized signs for a friend who’s a PhD student at Penn. / Photograph by Laura Brzyski

That laser focus, though.

Jack Kubizne and Anna Minsky motivate their sister, who just became a mom. / Photograph by Laura Brzyski

Changing the ‘mom joke’ game, one sign at a time.

Doughnut Stop Running

Megan Nibley, Katie Scheuer, Denise Wong, and Christy Tavernelli ditched the signs for doughnuts. / Photograph by Laura Brzyski

Because who needs a sign when you can have a doughnut instead?

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