10 Places to Try Partner Yoga Around Philly This Valentine’s Day

Tired of the same old dinner and drinks routine for this romantic holiday? Try a partner yoga and/or Thai yoga massage workshop instead.

partner yoga

Going out to dinner for Valentine’s Day is so overrated. Try something a bit more intimate: partner yoga. / Photograph courtesy Getty Images

It’s February already, and for those of you in relationships, that means the inevitable question: “What do you want to do for Valentine’s Day, honey?” Whether you think the idea of a day designated to celebrate your loved one is cute or capitalistic, the pressure to go on a V-Day date that involves more than dinner and drinks is real. Our suggestion? Partner yoga.

Now, before you say, “Thank you, next,” partner yoga doesn’t necessarily mean acro yoga, generally where a strong person lifts up a person with incredible ab strength, and the flexible person does yoga in the air. It can just mean getting cozy and, uh, flexible with your significant other in unexpected ways, like a twist on dancer pose where you each kick your leg into your hand and then hold hands (with the other hand, of course). Plus, if you’re the partner who vowed never to set foot inside a yoga studio, this will win you major brownie points with your downward-dog-loving SO.

If partner yoga really doesn’t sound like your thing or you’re not coupled up at the moment, most of the sessions also incorporate Thai yoga massage (exactly what it sounds like — an ancient Thai practice that combines yoga postures and massage techniques) and encourage you to bring your best friend, neighbor, mother, whoever. Trust us, you’ll find one that’s right for you.

For yoga only: Yoga Home

Valentine’s Day Partner Yoga

Friday, February 8th, from 7 to 8:15 p.m.

$19; $12 for members

This introductory class will use plenty of props to make it easier for first-time yogis to settle into the postures. Kerri Hanlon, the co-founder of the Conshohocken studio, teaches lots of adaptive yoga classes, so she’s used to working with those who might not be able to chaturanga like a champ.


For massage only: Three Queens Yoga

Couples Thai Yoga Massage

Saturday, February 16th, from 2 to 4 p.m.

$60 per couple/partners

Three Queens’ resident Thai yoga therapist, Stacia Nero, will guide you and your loved one through a range of Thai yoga massage techniques, including stretches, assists, and thumb pressure along specific energy lines (like in acupuncture). Don’t worry, no experience is needed.


For those whose idea of a perfect Valentine’s day involves blankets and massages (also massage only): Amrita Yoga & Wellness

Valentine’s Couple’s Massage Workshop

Saturday, February 9th or Sunday, February 10th from 1:45 to 4:15 p.m.

$90 per couple

Choose from two different dates — one with Heather Rice, the owner of the Fishtown studio, and another with Stacia Nero, who splits her time between Amrita and Three Queens (see above) — for this comprehensive Thai yoga massage tutorial. Wear comfortable clothes, bring blankets, and expect a lot of hands-on correction to make sure you work out all your sweetheart’s knots.


For those who want to go all-out: Priya Hot Yoga

Valentine’s Day Couple’s Partner Yoga Workshop

Saturday, February 16th, from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m.

$60 per couple; members signed up to autopay get a 10 percent discount.

Regular Priya teacher Brittany Policastro is joined by her fiancé, Nick, for this three-hour workshop set to love-themed tunes. Get ready to learn both restorative (aka chill) and challenging postures involving you and your boo as well as meditation and massage techniques.


For chocolate lovers: Maha Yoga Studio

Valentine’s Partner Yoga & Thai Massage

Saturday, February 16th, from 2 to 4 p.m.

$50 before February 9th, $75 after

Thai yoga massage expert Jean-Jacques Gabriel comes to Maha for an introductory partner flow — no experience necessary — combined with the Thai art. (You’ll give and receive, as the best partners do.) The best part, though? The dark chocolate included with the class, to sweeten up an already-intimate practice.


For Galentine guidance: Lumos Yoga & Barre

“Palentine’s” Partner Practice

Sunday, February 17th, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.


Most of these partner yoga sessions welcome non-couples, but this Fairmount studio offers a class that’s actually taught by pals — co-founder Larkin Silverman and instructor Sara Witkowski. During the Vinyasa session, you and your buddy will take turns flowing and assisting for 75 minutes. Expect some chocolate treats after. Bonus: If you’re more of a barre gal/guy than a yogi, head instead to Lumos’ “Bring Your Bae to Barre” class on February 9th from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m.


For those who like a side of herbs with their yoga: Healing Arts Collective

Valentine’s Day Partner Yoga & Massage

Friday, February 15th, from 6 to 8 p.m.

$40 per couple

Before you get into your restorative postures, Thai yoga massage, and meditation in this two-hour session, you’ll try Ormus, which as far as we can tell is a mixture of gold, silver, and various herbs that’s supposed to help you channel more of an enlightened state. Sounds a little New Age-y, but we say whatever gets you in the mood (for meditation, duh).


For those looking to sweat: Tuck Barre & Yoga

Galentine’s Buti Yoga

Wednesday, February 13th, from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Free, but you must register.

If you’re expecting a slow flow that concentrates on your breath, this ain’t it. Instead, buti yoga combines power yoga, dance, plyometrics, and deep abdominal work for a cardio-heavy workout set to music. This Galentine’s Day–themed session at Tuck Barre & Yoga’s West Philly location is free (!), so it’s a good chance to bring a pal and check out the funky style. (Like Lumos, Tuck is also offering a Valentine’s Day–themed barre class, on February 14th.)


For a session that’s on Valentine’s Day proper: Mama’s Wellness Joint

Valentine’s Partner Yoga and Thai Massage

Thursday, February 14th, from 6 to 8 p.m.

$65 before the 14th and $75 day of.

Partners will work through restorative stretches and flowing Vinyasa postures as well as Thai yoga massage with longtime yoga instructor and Thai bodywork practitioner Gabrielle de Burke in this two-hour class designed for all partners — including, of course, mamas.


For those who do want to do acro: Heart & Grit Power Yoga

Partner Acro & Thai Massage Workshop

Thursday, February 14th, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

$32, 10 percent off for members

Local acro expert Eric Mamuzich joins this South Jersey studio for one night to help sparks fly. (Get it?) He caters the class to whoever shows up, so you’ll get some good air time no matter your level. Note that you don’t need to have a partner; if you come alone, you’ll be paired up. The class will wrap up with Thai yoga massage, and you’ll even get some trinkets to take home.

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