Your Guide to the Best Vegan Food Options at Wawa

From hoagies to hash browns, here's everything to order at Wawa as a vegan.

wawa vegan food options

There are plenty of Wawa vegan food options if you know where to look. Photograph by Claudia Gavin

With the universe’s largest Wawa opening on Friday in Philly, we have officially declared this Wawa Week in Philadelphia. Go here to follow all of our coverage.

Philly loves Wawa, but if you’re a member of the city’s highly active (and food-loving) vegan community, grabbing a bite at the convenience store may not be top of mind. That doesn’t mean they don’t have a number of vegan foods available at their many, many locations.

The next time you’re on the go and feeling the hanger creep in, you can stop by Wawa for any of these animal product-free options — go ahead and bookmark this tab for future reference next time you’re at the Wawa screen, wondering what to order (don’t worry, we’ve all been there!). And for any other burning questions on Wawa’s nutritional facts or ingredients in their foods, visit here.


Brewed Coffee and Tea

It’s a well-known Philly-fact that Wawa coffee can top even the most gourmet coffee shop in your area. Between an array of delicious brews and a station just to prepare the coffee to your liking, it can’t be topped. Luckily it is vegan and there’s almond milk (sometimes oat milk!) available to top it off. There are also a tea bags if large quantities of caffeine isn’t in the cards for you.

Prepared Drinks 

On the touch screen, you may have perused the hot or cold beverage section that offers more than just brewed coffee. Well, it’s safe to say that this section also offers vegan options! For their prepared drinks (cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos and more), Wawa can make the drinks with almond milk or soy milk.


Fruit cups

Wawa has prepared fruit cups in the grab-and-go refrigerated section that make starting your day that much easier. The selections include small and large mixed fruit packs, mango fruit packs, pineapple fruit packs, watermelon fruit packs and more. Additionally, they offer snack packs that have apples and peanut butter for that extra boost of protein.


While bagels shouldn’t be an everyday thing, they’re definitely a viable breakfast option. Most Wawas have the usual suspects (plain, cinnamon raisin, everything) and even though they don’t offer vegan cream cheese or butter, you can always pick up a pack of Justin’s Almond Butter (check by the fresh fruits) and use that as a spread.

Hash brown

Potatoes are typically always vegan friendly, and the ones at Wawa are no exception. Hash browns are a heartier vegan option to get your day started.

Lunch & Dinner

Burritos and Burrito Bowls

While it may not seem on-brand for Wawa to sell burritos and burrito bowls, we don’t question a good thing. You can customize the bowls — skip the cheese and add roasted veggies in your burrito or skip the tortilla and make it a rice and bean bowl. There’s also an option to include fresh salsa, avocado, and jalapeños to jazz it up a bit.


Next to cheesesteaks, hoagies (never to be called a sub) are an essential part of Philly culture. I mean, just look at the Hoagiefest Wawa hosts during the summer. Even if you’re vegan, you can still join in on the fun by getting a veggie hoagie (just pass on the wheat roll — it contains honey). Instead of mayonnaise, try the avocado spread, and toss in some peppers to give it an extra kick.


Even if you aren’t in the market for a full meal, Wawa has plenty of vegan snacks to satisfy you. One vegan-approved snack is the everything soft pretzel. There’s also an array of crunchy, bagged foods, like Chex Mix, and in the refrigerated area, you can find the Sabra hummus and pretzel packs as well as veggie sticks with a to-go peanut butter cup. If you have a sweet tooth, grab a pack of Oreos or a Clif Bar (many flavors are vegan — the Mini Blueberry Crisp is not).

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