Mindfulness Expert Mallika Chopra Will Lead Meditation at This Philly Wellness Festival

The B Inspired Inspirefest is scheduled for November 10.

b inspired inspirefest

Visit the B Inspired Inspirefest for a day of mindfulness and wellness. Photograph courtesy B Inspired.

As the seasons change, the inspiration to live your fullest life may dwindle. The cold weather can make you long for those worry-free summer days when getting to the gym (or even outside) was easier than ever. If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, heading out to B Inspired’s second annual Inspirefest on Saturday may be exactly what you need.

B Inspired is a collaborative community that focuses on exercise, wellness, and meditation to enhance the success of other women. Liz Harris and Amy Carolla co-founded the venture in 2017 after the two mothers had a conversation about creating a “team” of women to support one another throughout the Philadelphia region. Together, the women believe that all things are possible through positive, grounded energy and offer a supportive place for women with interests in business, culture, and philanthropy.

This year’s three-hour-long event will be a morning of exercise and meditation with opportunities to learn about the newest wellness trends. Special guest Mallika Chopra — daughter of alternative medicine advocate and author Deepak Chopra — will guide the crowd in meditation as well as speak about her two books, Living with Intent and Just Breathe (her most recent book, which teaches children about meditation).

“Amy and I are so thrilled to be hosting our fourth overall wellness festival, Inspirefest,” says Harris. “Our family-friendly wellness festival provides such a special opportunity for our community to hear from the wise and inspiring, Mallika Chopra, and experience exercise, meditation, and other wellness features!”

If you need a break to refuel throughout the day, Inspirefest will also include a marketplace where you can shop for healthy foods, as well as fitness clothing, essential oils, jewelry, and more. The event is scheduled for Saturday, November 10, at 9 a.m. at Balance Chestnut Hill. You can find tickets — which are $50 for the general public, $25 for students and educators — here.

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