Where to Find Self-Care and Healthy Food Around East Falls

Justine Bacon, owner of Philly's new studio Yoga Brain, shares her favorite spots for wellness and healthy food around East Falls.

healthy food around east falls

Find healthy food around East Falls and so much more with this guide from Justine Bacon. Photograph by Flickr/Gary Reed

Philly has an insanely wonderful fitness scene, but the truth is, many of us tend to stick to our own neighborhoods — we’ve all got our favorite corner coffee shops, yoga studios, healthy food, running trails, and more. That’s why we’re asking local fitness pros to give us a tour of their neighborhoods — and to spill all their secrets on the hidden gems they can’t quit.

Not only is East Falls right on the edge of one of Philly’s best wellness playgrounds — the Wissahickon — but it’s also chock full of amazing wellness spots and places for healthy eats.

No one knows that better than yoga instructor and studio owner Justine Bacon, who just opened her own studio, Yoga Brain, in the neighborhood. As a resident of the area for three and a half years and as someone immersed in the health community, she makes for a perfect candidate to give us a tour of all the best wellness resources and healthy food around East Falls. Read on for her favorites.

Healthy Food Around East Falls


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Coffee shop: Vault & VineWhat I love most about Vault & Vine — other than how friendly they are — is that the cafe is inside of a small greenhouse.  It is beautiful and serene. Their Simmer Down tea can be both hot or cold, and what I love most about this tea is that it does exactly what the name implies. With a blend of chamomile, kava, lemon balm, motherwort, lavender, and passionflower, this tea relaxes, soothes and calms you down.”

Healthy lunch spot: Le Bus‘s Caesar salad with homemade dressing and croutons as well as a large wild mushroom bisque with almond milk is a must! These two are the perfect pair of fresh and crunchy with warm and nourishing. I feel fully satisfied and always have some soup left for later.”


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Healthy date night spot: Fiorino’s. Homemade, authentic Italian food made with serious LOVE. A cozy, homey neighborhood BYO! I simply adore the gnocchi with gorgonzola cheese sauce.  It is so rich, warm, and dreamy to eat.”

Bar: Gotta love Billy Murphy’s — it’s the ‘Cheers’ of neighborhood bars! Go to Quizzo — laughing with your neighborhood friends is one of the best things your can do to create a tight-knit community! Their food is really solid and so is their beer menu. But truly, the very best part is the vibe!”

Healthy Activities Around East Falls


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Gym: “I am really interested in checking out the Philadelphia Rock Gym right up on Scott’s Lane. I have met a lot of people who currently climb there and have really awesome things to say about it.”

Massage:  “I have actually never been to Mellow Massage, but would really love to give it a try because it is literally right next to my house. I’m in need of their Integrative Massage, which combines both Swedish and deep tissue — the perfect balance!”

Self-Care: I really enjoy the East Falls Nailery for a simple mani pedi! One place I’d like to try in Sherman Mills is Infinity Health & Wellness for their colon hydrotherapy services.”

Nearby running route: “I take Kelly Drive up to Laurel Hill Cemetery and across the Falls Bridge to MLK Drive Park. I also love walking the neighborhood with my boyfriend and our pup! We call it our magic loop: We walk Ridge to Midvale, up Midvale to Conrad, up Conrad to Indian Queen Lane, and back to Ridge again.”

Outdoor activities: Riding my bike along the river, going down the Schuylkill River Trail toward South Philly or all the way up to Conshohocken Brewing! I also adore paddle boarding and haven’t paddled the Schuylkill yet, but it is on my list for next summer.”


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Community events: The Dance on the Falls Bridge was a huge annual event. The lot under the Twin Bridges on Ridge has a number of weekly events ranging from the farmers market every Saturday to the beer garden on Thursdays!”

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