You Can Now Work Out at the New RippedPHL Cherry Hill

Score the same kick-butt sweat sessions at the RippedPHL Cherry Hill location, which has a few new bells and whistles.

rippedphl cherry hill

The digs at the new RippedPHL Cherry Hill location. (Photo courtesy of RippedPHL)

Here in Philly, we’re all about combination workouts that feature both cardio and strength. One of the leaders of this trend is Rittenhouse’s RippedPHL, which welcomed the opening of its second location in Cherry Hill on September 4. The RippedPHL Cherry Hill gym will feature a lot of what you know and love about Ripped (like the HIIT-style training), with a few new surprises for fans of the workout.

If you’ve climbed the three floors to RippedPHL’s Rittenhouse gym, then you’ll be well prepared for the Cherry Hill location experience. At RippedPHL Cherry Hill, participants will alternate between running on the dreamy Woodway treadmills — accompanied by running route-programmed virtual reality screens — and completing strength training exercises on the floor, focusing on a different part of the body each day. The new location will feature the same classes as well as personal training, showers, and lockers. Because the Cherry Hill gym boasts a little more room, Ripped will be able to provide childcare — big news for parents trying to squeeze in a sweat session! — along with a smoothie bar that’ll make its debut in the near future.

On top of opening a new gym, RippedPHL is taking this time to roll out a new web platform and app for both locations that will allow users to pick their spot in the gym — kind of like you do when booking your bike in spin. Parents will make their childcare reservations — for a small fee — the same way.

While the gym is officially open, they are currently operating on a limited schedule this week. On Friday evening after classes, Ripped will toast to the new gym with Champagne, and on Saturday, the gym will be giving away some free classes. Keep and eye on the gym’s Instagram for more information and updates.

RippedPHL’s Cherry Hill gym is located at 220 Haddonfield Road. Contact the studio for new member (and new gym!) deals.

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