The Best Jenkintown Workouts, Healthy Eats, and Self-Care, According to a Fitness Pro

Rachel Rubin, creator of Kettlebell Kundalini and co-founder of Rise Gatherings, shares her know-it-all guide to Jenkintown workouts, healthy grub, and everything in between.

Jenkintown workouts

Looking for Jenkintown workouts or healthy restaurants? Find it all here. Photo of Jenkintown Square via Montgomery County Planning Commission.

Philly has an insanely wonderful fitness scene, but the truth is, many of us tend to stick to our own neighborhoods — we’ve all got our favorite corner coffee shops, yoga studios, healthy food, running trails, and more. That’s why we’re asking local fitness pros to give us a tour of their neighborhoods — and to spill all their secrets on the hidden gems they can’t quit.

Jenkintown workouts

Rachel Rubin, founder of Kettlebell Kundalini, gives us her guide to the best Jenkintown workouts, food, and more. Photograph courtesy Rachel Rubin.

If you know Jenkintown, then you know there’s a lot going on there in the way of health, fitness and fun. Sharing the best of the best when it comes to all things healthy in this Philadelphia neighborhood is Rachel Rubin, who resided here for nearly three years before moving a few months ago.

Rubin created her very own movement method dubbed Kettlebell Kundalini, a hot yoga class that utilizes kettlebell weights during class for a mix of yoga and strength training. She teaches this method at Jtown Hot Yoga as well as Lifetime Fitness Fort Washington. Rubin also co-founded Rise Gatherings, a women-only summer camp meets wellness retreat experience full of empowering activities and speakers.

Needless to say, Rubin has a lot of experience in the wellness and fitness realms, making her a prime candidate to share the best  Jenkintown workouts, food, self-care, and more, which you’ll find below. Read on for Rubin’s go-to spots.

Jenkintown Healthy Food and Drinks

Coffee shop: “A new place, White Horse, just opened on the corner of West Avenue that is great! I get my coffee cold-brew style and I add cinnamon and honey. This is how I sweeten up my coffee in a healthy way! They also just added strawberry and mango smoothies to the menu that are delicious. The vibe here is that of a corner neighborhood joint with large windows all around and wooden decor and seating for families or those needing a space to study or do work.”

Healthy brunch spot: “The West Avenue Grille has outdoor seating in the heart of the town and a pretty great brunch menu. For a healthy option, go with the Ahi Chop Chop. And for ‘healthy’ indulgence, their fancy French toasts are yum.”

Healthy lunch spot: “Argana Tree has amazing authentic Moroccan and Mediterranean cuisine. They have outside seating right in the Town Square, and their Roasted Beet Salad is delightful.”

Healthy date night spot: Bernie’s Restaurant, located just outside of Jenkintown, is a trendy and stylish spot with a long electric fireplace and great outdoor seating area. The bar includes delicious specialty cocktails and an extensive beer menu. Their panko-crusted goat cheese and veggie wings are my fave!”

Bar: Drake Tavern! This is the neighborhood spot! The Drake has a patio and trivia nights and super friendly staff. The bartender claims himself as the Mayor of Jenkintown — you’ve got to love that neighborhood vibe. Kings Corner, by the same owner, is a bar around the corner that has a great beer list and the most unreal takes on fish and chips. Sometimes healthy is letting yourself go for it and to just enjoy.”

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Healthy takeout: Curds & Whey is a small cafe that also caters and has been serving the community for over 40 years. Walk in to a display of foods — like fresh salads, but the offerings change regularly — where you can order portions.”

Healthy Treats: “Sweetly Scooped is a new family-owned ice cream spot that sources the most quality all-natural ice cream. They offer organic and non-dairy options with flavors like Vegan Vanilla Coconut and Mexican Chocolate Chip and Bread and Roses (a rose-water-based ice cream! Like, what?).”

Grocery store for healthy foods: “Whole Foods is right around the corner in The Fairway. This was my market for years. Also Trader Joe’s right there too! Can’t go wrong with both!”

Jenkintown Workouts and Gyms

Gym: “Fit Tribe (newer spot!), AFC Fitness, June Hines Pilates (I want to give this woman credit! She has a little spot that’s been around for years and I have met a few women that really love her and her practice), ilovekickboxing (I’ve been wanting to get in here to try it!) and, of course, my spot Jtown Hot Yoga. There are lots of awesome classes, instructors and a great community of people. The aesthetic of the space syncs up beautifully with the quality of classes and caliber of instructors.”

Workout class: “I love the 26/2 Hatha Yoga with Joel Pier at Jtown on Tuesdays. Joel is a king of the hot yoga world in Philadelphia and a man with much wit and wisdom. The class is in 104 degrees and 90 minutes so it’s sure to break you down so you can be faced with building yourself back up.”

Self-Care in Jenkintown

Meditation studio: “Weiss Holistic Health Center, a shared space by husband and wife, Don and Roz, assists people on their individual path to health using advanced, comprehensive, holistic healing techniques that empower people to enhance the quality of their lives. Dr. Don Weiss uses chiropractic and kinesiology approaches to treatment and Roz, who I have the pleasure of knowing and who facilitated at our inaugural Rise Gathering weekend, is a meditation facilitator.”

Spa treatment: “Heaven Spa is a beautiful facility that has been around forever. I haven’t been there in years, but when I’ve stopped in to introduce myself, they were lovely. In the past I had great spa treatments there.”

Place you go for self-care: “Being in the self-care industry, my care comes in the form of guiding others and being in supportive spaces like the ones I’ve listed. But when I go for my own self-care, it is to Rachel Hotson Odhner, an Embodiment Educator and for me, my bodywork specialist. Her massages are unmatched in relieving tension in the body and clearing energy. Sessions with her are a gift and one I give many of my loved ones and receive from myself when in need.”

Tattoos: “Jason at Nobleheart Tattoo Studio brings his talent to the community in his stunning artist space on York Road. There have been a few occasions where I’ve called him to fit me in for a little body art therapy for myself and friends. He’s a gem and his art on the walls is a wondrous gallery for the eyes.”

Outdoor Fun in Jenkintown

Nearby running trail: “You can access the Pennypack Trail from all over the area now. It’s a 15.6-mile trail that goes from Huntingdon Valley to the Delaware River in Philadelphia. My favorite spot on the trail is Lorimer Park where there’s a stream and some rocky structures to climb on.”

Park: “Alverthorpe is a great family park! They have mini golf and a little pool for young kids! Great play scapes as well! Also paths to ride bikes and scooters and a pond to feed the ducks and relax on a bench by the water.”

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Annual events: “The Jenkintown Festival of the Arts is the most fun family day! It includes tons of live music, vendors, artists, performances and food! Also, the Jenkintown Sunset 5K Run is past its 28th annual community event! I’ve never done it, but am a total supporter!”

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