The New University City Lululemon Pop-Up Store Plans to Host a Ton of Free Events

The University City Lululemon store is slated to remain open now through mid-December.

University City Lululemon pop-up store

A look at the exterior of the new University City Lululemon pop-up store. Photograph by Dana Boillon

Lululemon may have just stumbled on to a deep, meaningful truth of life: Everyone just wants to wear leggings. All the time. Everywhere. And that includes college students.

On August 3, a new University City Lululemon pop-up store opened right by the University of Pennsylvania campus, meaning that college kids will no longer have to trek to Center City to get their Lulu fix. Instead, they can pop into the “seasonal” store, which is currently scheduled to remain open through mid-December, for a full line-up of Lululemon women’s and men’s apparel.

Aside from the fact that the store is temporary, it otherwise looks and feels like any other Lululemon location. The “seasonal” store concept is something that Lululemon has tested for a while now, but they’re currently trying it out near college campuses specifically, with this shop near UPenn and another pop-up near Harvard in Boston.

university city lululemon store lounge

Inside the University City Lululemon, there’s a small lounge area. Photograph by Dana Boillon

While the goal is to give locals a new place to shop for athleisure, the pop-up shop is also looking to be a hub for free wellness events over the coming months, according to the University City Lululemon store manager Dana Boillon. Currently, the shop has partnered with Tuck Barre & Yoga — which is also new to the neighborhood — for free in-store workouts every Sunday in August at 11 a.m. Once September rolls around, Boillon says the store will find a new fitness partner to fill the 11 a.m. Sunday slot.

But Boillon says they won’t stop at one free workout a week. Instead, she’s currently working on flushing out a full fitness calendar that will mean multiple wellness events every week — from mindfulness workshops to workouts and more. The events — including this Sunday’s Cardio Barre class with Tuck Barre & Yoga — will be listed on the Lululemon Philadelphia Facebook page. Keep an eye out there for all of the (free!) upcoming activities.

The University City Lululemon store is now open at 3661 Walnut Street. 

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