This Adoptable Dog Is So Stinkin’ Cute. Who Wants to Give Him a New Home?

Meet Bob Marley — he's one of the most mellow and kind dogs in all the land.

Photos courtesy of PAWS.

This, my friends, is Bob Marley. He’s mellow, sweet, and brimming with good vibes — much like his namesake. He was found as a stray and brought into the shelter where we was quickly transferred to the adoption program because, well, look at that face — it’s a type of face people want to come home to. Not to mention his wiggly butt, friendly eyes and fuzzy fur.

Despite being found as a stray, Bob Marley seems to come equipped with some training — he knows “sit” and is a courteous and steady runner. Bob is gentle and friendly, making him a prime candidate for a family with older kids and maybe even another dog.

Fun fact about Bob Marley: His ears have a mind of their own — sometimes they’re pointed up, other times they’re flopped down. They’re even known to jut out to the sides. Moral of the story is this: Bob Marley is a really cool dude and would make a happy addition to any household. Read on to find out more about Bob Marley and it he’s the doggo for you.

Name: Bob Marley

Age: Estimated to be between two and four years old.

Size: Medium, weighing in at 42 pounds.

Breed: Pit Bull-Mix

Background: Sadly, we don’t know much about Bob Marley’s former life as Bob was found as a stray and brought to ACCT Philly. There, Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society met him and transferred him into their adoption program because he was just so darn cute and sweet.

Running style: Bob Marley runs like the chill rhythm of a good reggae song. He is relaxed and trots along at a slow yet steady pace – taking in and appreciating the good vibes around him.

Why Bob Marley could be the right dog for you: This low riding “Lion from Zion” is the sweetest, gentlest dude, and he has the silliest ears! Sometimes they are up, sometimes down, folded forward or straight out to the sides. He really knows how to turn on the charm with his wiggly butt and soft, earnest eyes. Bob is a great listener and already knows how to sit (just say the word and that bottom plunks right down!) and he’d love to join a dog-experienced home where he can continue his training and learn even more skills to show off. This friendly pup would be happy to live with older kids who have some dog experience, and maybe even a dog friend who shares his interests (PAWS’s adoption staff can tell you if they think your pup would be a good match)! He’s a bit too cheeky to live with cats, but that’s just part of his fun-loving nature. If you’re looking for a sweet guy to connect with and chill out, Bob Marley is the guy for you!

How to adopt: Bob is currently being housed at PAWS’s Grays Ferry Clinic location, and if you are interested in meeting him, please email for an application and reference Animal ID number A39207358. All dog meets are by appointment only and scheduled after an adoption application is approved. If you have questions, please email the above address or contact our adoption staff at 215-298-9680, ext. 16. Adoption fees include age-appropriate vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and microchipping.


We work with The Monster Milers to profile local running dogs waiting to be adopted. The Monster Milers are a group of runners who help shelter dogs burn off  energy and get much-needed exercise by taking them on runs around the city, and they also just launched their first-of-it’s-kind Adopt a Running Buddy foster program. If you’re not in the market for a pup right now, but would still love to help out homeless dogs, you can always become a Monster Miler volunteer or foster parent. Find out more about how to get started with those processes here.

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