I Started Working Out Regularly at 45 After Discovering This Philly Workout

After starting to attend CoreFitness boot camps, Kristin McKeown started working out daily at 6 a.m., lost 17 pounds, and finished her first triathlon.

Photographs courtesy Kristin McKeown

Changing your body takes hard work, persistence, and dedication. Here’s one local’s story. Want to share your Transformation Story? Email ccunningham@phillymag.com

Who: Kristin McKeown, 48,  a special education teacher and assistive technologist from Fairmount

Why I wanted to make a change: “I decided to make a change after I had my kids and noticed my parents’ health declining, I wanted to be in shape and healthy for my family.”

How I got started: “I started working out in my late 30’s by joining Team in Training and went from the couch to a marathon in six months.  I continued to run, but was having pain in my legs and started to dread it. I would do the occasional 5K, but was not working out on a regular basis. Then when I was 45, I  won a ten-day pass for CoreFitness [boot camp classes at the Art Museum steps]. I started to go on Saturdays and really enjoyed it, but had trouble committing to other days. I decided to try Shred, a two-week daily workout program they offer with nutritional support. By prepping my clothes and the kids’ lunches at night, I was able to attend a 6 a.m. workout and get out of the house with the kids by 7:30 a.m.  I really enjoyed it.  I loved being outside and the people who attend are so friendly and supportive.  I became ‘hard core’ and started attending five to six times a week.”

What changed: “I lost 17 pounds and I have never been in better shape.  My endurance has increased, I am able to run longer and faster. I did the Spartan Sprint at the Linc, Broad Street, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon, and just completed my first sprint triathlon.”

My exercise plan: “I currently have been going to CoreFitness about three times a week, running two days, and swimming two days.”

How I changed my diet: “I try to eat real food that is less processed.”

“I started to work out regularly at 45 and completed my first triathlon at 48.”

The hardest part: “The hardest part of the transformation is continuing to get up and go every day, but I just remind myself that I have never regretted going to class or working out.  I always have a better day if I have worked out.”

What I’m most proud of: “I am most proud of my core strength.  I have improved so much and feel so strong.”

What I want everyone to know: “I would love to encourage other people to get off the couch and move, find something they enjoy and do it. I started to work out regularly at 45 and completed my first triathlon at 48.  It is possible.”

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