Where to Find the Best Healthy Foods, Workouts, and Outdoor Activities in Manayunk

Manayunk resident and The Wall Fitness studio owner, Juliet Sabella, dishes on her favorite healthy eats and activities in her neighborhood.

View from the Manayunk Bridge | Photo via Flickr/Montgomery County Planning Commission

Juliet Sabella is the owner of The Wall Fitness in Manayunk. Photograph courtesy Juliet Sabella.

Philly has an insanely wonderful fitness scene, but the truth is, many of us tend to stick to our own neighborhoods — we’ve all got our favorite corner coffee shops, yoga studios, running trails, and more.

So that’s why we’re asking local fitness pros to give us a tour of their neighborhoods — and to spill all their secrets on the hidden gems they can’t quit.

Juliet Sabella, a seven-year Manayunk resident and owner of The Wall Fitness — an indoor cycling, barre, and TRX gym in Manayunk — to share all her favorite things in her neighborhood. Below, you’ll find Sabella’s favorite healthy takeout, killer workouts, outdoor activies, and more — all located in Manayunk.

The Best Healthy Food and Drink in Manayunk

Coffee shop: “I love Volo Coffeehouse. I love the outside seating! It’s so good to people watch. I’m an iced Americano and cold brew person. I drink them both black.”

Healthy breakfast or brunch spot: “Winnie’s in Manayunk. Their menu is awesome, they open at 7 a.m. and they’re so, so wonderful to my family. They’re also willing to accommodate any modifications you need. I really love their vegetarian chili and kale salad — kale, dried cranberries, toasted almonds, and pink lady apples. For a really good protein to fat ratio, I add salmon and avocado. I opt out of salad dressing (it’s so good, though!) and use lemon wedges instead.”

Healthy lunch spot: The Juice Merchant is great for on-the-go and quick meals, like when I am running from work to my house and to back to work. I really enjoy their infused waters and love their avocado toast with sea salt. It comes on top of this awesome spring mix and arugula salad.”

Healthy date night spot: “Jake’s and Cooper’s. My husband, Karl, and I love this place. We bring our daughter Cecilia with us on most dates because, we love hanging out with her. They have a kick-ass happy hour menu, and I love their citrus blossom drink. It’s refreshing, light, and has a small splash of cranberry juice. If you need a bubble fix, or want to cut the sugar a little more, ask for a splash of seltzer. Their tuna tartar and ceviche are my favorite items — they’re light, healthy, and if I’m feeling like I want a little more fat, I’ll eat their homemade chips that come with both.”

Bar: “Taqueria Feliz. They make the most phenomenal three-chili margarita. I usually have it ‘Julie-fied’ by cutting the calories and making it a little extra spicy. Next time you’re in, get it and ask for it to be ‘the Julie way.'”

Healthy takeout: “Taqueria Feliz, again! They are so willing to adjust my meals to the way I want it like, for example, I like to get their grilled fish tacos in romaine cups instead of a tortilla. If I order through an app, they’ll usually put a message to our family saying hi or something funny because they know the order is always the same.”

Groceries: “River City Outpost on Main Street is one of my favorites, mostly because they have Inspired Brews kombucha. The Manayunk farmer’s market in Pretzel Park is also fab. It runs spring through fall and is a great place to pick up some quick produce.”

The Best Workouts in Manayunk

Gym: “I love Goals Fit and Breaking Point Fitness. I train with GoalsFit owner Kasey Manwaring, do mommy and me classes there, and run with them too. I’ve worked out with Kasey for five years now, ran and trained with her through my entire pregnancy, and can’t give her up. I also have to give credit to my other favorite gym and trainer, Jim Pfromm, from Breaking Point Fitness. After I had my baby, I was given a gift of training sessions to workout with him. Jim is so knowledgeable, and he turned my body back around and helped me understand that starting over isn’t a bad thing.”

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Workout class: “This is my fifth year participating in the GoalsFit ‘You Should Be Running’ marathon program. We start in May, meet every Tuesday night for speed work at the Roxborough track and don’t stop until marathon week in November. Just follow what [Manwaring] says to do on the training calendar and you’ll finish the marathon!”

The Best Outdoor Activities in Manayunk

Running trail/route: “Loop wise, one of my favorites is down Umbria Street, up Shawnont Avenue, onto Ridge Avenue, down Shurs Lane, onto Main Street and back onto Umbria. This is the perfect balance of rolling hills. Ridge is generally flat too and there’s a lot to see along the way, so it always keeps my mind off of the six-to-seven-ish mile run. For an out and back, I start at Winnie’s Manayunk, run down to the “Welcome to Manayunk” sign and back, which is two miles. I’ll do this back and forth for as many times as I need to to get the miles in.”

Park: “I love walking down to Main Street and onto the Manayunk Towpath. Lately, Karl and I have been going to Pretzel Park. Our daughter CeCe is  more of an observer than and enjoyer when it comes to swing sets, so we take her over to the dog park to watch the dogs.”

Annual events/festivals: “I love the summer series ‘Stroll the Street.’ Every Thursday night throughout the summer, stores offer deals, Cotton Street (where our studio located) is closed off for outdoor movies, live music, fitness nights, and more. We also offer super discounted drop in rates these nights so keep an eye out for that! It’s just a great energy on the street.”

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