5 Very Cool Workouts You Can Try at This Year’s Be Well Philly Boot Camp

Take a sneak peek at the BWP Boot Camp schedule for 2018.

Aqua Vida leads a SUP paddle board yoga class at Drexel Recreation Center’s pool.

Okay, not that we’re biased or anything, but as far as health and wellness events in the Philadelphia area, we really don’t think you can top Be Well Philly Boot Camp on June 2. I mean, where else does one ticket get you access to nearly 20 different workouts, all under one roof? Plus answers to your burning health questions by some of the brightest and most inspirational speakers in town? And a marketplace where you discover the coolest wellness brands? Oh, and breakfast and lunch and a healthy happy hour?

That’s right: No where. Except BWP Boot Camp (again, we’re definitely not biased, #justsaying).

If this sounds amazing to you, we’ve got good news! You’ve still got time to nab an early bird ticket ($45) before the tickets go up in price (to $55) after April 13. If you’re not totally sold already, read on for a sneak peak at five of the VERY. COOL. classes you’ll be able to try at this year’s event.

Beyoncé Dance Class

Oh, you thought we were just going to brag about how insanely fun Alexis Rose’s dance classes are and not bring her class in for you all to try? Think again! The Alexis Rose Xperience will be on-site at this year’s Boot Camp, taking you through a high-energy cardio dance workout — and then teaching you some real choreography to the tune of Queen Bey herself. Come ready to twerk, slay, shimmy, and flip a lot of sweaty hair — and leave feeling empowered and confident.


Remember when we told you that one of Philly’s top spin instructors, Jackie Dragone, had invented her own, new boutique-style workout? That’s Rhythmlab. It’s a full-body toning workout that’s done entirely to the beat of the music (which for this class, will be a playlist of all your favorite pop queens. Good luck with not singing along!). Here’s the truly wonderful thing about Rhythmlab though: You’re moving to the music, which makes it fun, but you don’t have to be particularly coordinated to keep up, because every move is something you’ve done before (think: squats, crunches, bicep curls, you name it). So it’s a cardio party, but you’ll never, ever feel lost on the edge of the dance floor.

Step Aerobics

I know, I know. You’re thinking, Step aerobics? What era is this? But this isn’t your mama’s step aerobics. This is StepLight, invented by Philly trainer Kahree Steplight (that’s really his last name!), and it’ll forever change the way you look at a stepper. Kahree’s energy is totally infectious — and for this particular class, he’ll have you doing toe-touches and squats off the stepper to the biggest hits of the year 2000 (heyyyy there, Britney Spears, it’s been a while!). If you’re ready to throw it back — while trying a totally fresh and fun workout — you’re gonna want to checkout Kahree’s class.

Namaslay Yoga

There’s a reason we named Adriana Adele’s Namaslay class at Three Queens Yoga as a Best-of-Philly winner: It’s incredible. Her combination of clear, easy-to-follow instructions with a super-chill playlist of hip-hop and R&B artists is kind of impossible to top. But if you haven’t had 90 minutes on a Friday night to spend doing downward dogs recently, here’s your chance to try it. We promise you’ll leave feeling so loose, relaxed, and just plain good you’ll wish Namaslay was an everyday occurrence.

SUP Paddle Board Yoga

You may think you’re at a point in your practice where yoga is “easy.” Well, just wait until you try it on a stand-up paddle board — that’s floating in Drexel’s gorgeous pool. Aqua Vida’s Stacia Nero will be there to help you improve your balance, flexibility, strength — and sense of humor. Because let’s be honest, falling into a pool is funny, no matter who you are.

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