This “Rosé & Slay” Dance Class Will Bring Out Your Inner Beyoncé

Come for the dance lesson, stay for the rosé.

Photograph by Caroline Cunningham.

Ever since we tried out Alexis Rose Artis’ Beyoncé-themed dance class — or, really, every since we saw her hair-flipping, hip-shaking classes on Instagram — we’ve wondered, When is this class coming to downtown Philly?!

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Before now, the Alexis Rose Xperience — a dance fitness class that involves both cardio and choreography — was only available in Plymouth Meeting and Fort Washington. But starting April 15, the classes will also be hosted smack in the middle of Philly at Headlong Dance Theater.

The class on April 15 — called “Rosé & Slay” — will feature an hour-long dance lesson with Artis. And by “dance lesson,” we mean a lot of dance-inspired cardio to the reining queens of pop music, after which everyone will learn a choreographed dance sequence. And at the end, rosé and fruit will be served as refreshments.

But if you’re busy on April 15, don’t fret: This isn’t your only chance to catch the Alexis Rose Xperience. Starting in May, Artis plans to host the pop-up class at Headlong every Sunday, with even more classes in the works starting in the summertime.

Headlong Dance Theater is located at 1170 S Broad Street. The noon class on April 15 isn’t yet open for registration, but you can keep an eye on the schedule to sign up here. Alexis Rose Xperience classes are $25 for your first two, or $15 for a single class.

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