Philly Fitness Trainers Are Obsessed With This Sports Massage

And bonus: a Phila Massages' membership makes it surprisingly affordable.

Photograph courtesy Phila Massages.

We know it’s good for our bodies and overall health to stay active by engaging in a myriad of physical activities, but the Catch-22 is that these activities can cause wear and tear on our bodies. No one knows this better than fitness trainers who spend more hours sweating in a week than most of us do in two.

Given that we’re often sore from working out, we couldn’t help but wonder how and where the pros recover from everything they put their bodies through.

One answer? Phila Massages. Not only does this Rittenhouse and Manayunk massage company specialize in sports massages, they’ve got a membership system that makes their services surprisingly affordable.

Amandah Povilitus, a hardcore trainer at Philly’s Flywheel and Solidcore locations, takes full advantage of this offering. She paid $250 for a year-long membership, and has since then regularly visited Phila Massages for over a year.

“It’s absolutely changed my life. I was dealing with a longterm shoulder and neck injury and went two to three times a week in addition to physical therapy,” says Povilitus. “Now that my shoulder is healed, I go once a week for maintenance —mainly on my legs, back, chest, and shoulders.”

Ali Cook Jackson, triathlete and owner of Never Give Up Training, doesn’t even have to leave the building her gym is located in for a massage at Phila Massages’ Manayunk location. She loves working with Phila Massages’ co-founder Natacha Vidal, who she calls a “true miracle worker,” especially in regards to working with sports injuries.

“I’m particular about going to therapists that know how to handle overworked muscles and Phila Massages seems to have that specialty down!” says says Freehouse Fitness owner Dana Auriemma. “They have many talented therapists on staff and can always hone in on the extra tight muscles pulling you out of alignment.”

The Sport Massage is a good starting place for those who want to release some exercise-induced tension. This service pulls from a few different techniques including myofascial release, deep tissue therapy, and stretching and can — but doesn’t have to — focus on a specific muscle or injury.

Given that she’s taught at Flywheel since 2016, Susannah Greenwood says her legs in particular have been “consistently sore” for the past two years.

“Phila Massages always keeps the athlete in mind,” says Greenwood. “Their therapists are trained to use a number of techniques to help the body recover and prepare for the next workout. I always walk out feeling like a million bucks.”

However, if you’re trying to recover from something a little more extreme than a Flywheel class, Phila Massages’ PTSM (Phila Tandem Sports Massage) might be up your alley. This service involves two therapists working on you at once: One therapist utilizes stretching techniques while the other digs into a deep-tissue massage in an effort to reboot your body.

Phila Massages has two locations: one at 132 South 17th Street, 4th Floor, Rittenhouse and another at 4368 Cresson Street, Manayunk. If you’re feelin’ it after an injury or intense workout, you can book your spot here.

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