Here’s Where You Can Still Get a Broad Street Run Bib — And Partake in Some Fun Training Runs

Fairmount Park Conservancy is still looking for charity runners to join their team.

Boxers’ Trail | Photo via Fairmount Park Conservancy

Whether you’ve already got your Broad Street Run bib, or missed the lottery and wish you did, there are some super-fun runs on the calendar at Fairmount Park Conservancy that are here to help you get in shape.

But to be clear: these runs aren’t open to just anyone. They’re open to Fairmount Park Conservancy members (membership is $35 for the year), as well as those who joined Fairmount Park’s Park Champion Runners to run the ten-miler to benefit the park.

Here’s the good news: If you didn’t get a bib through the Broad Street Run Lottery, you can still join Fairmount Park’s Park Champion Runners. These runners, who register for $25 and are on the hook to raise $475 to support the park, get a guaranteed bib for Broad Street. Woohoo!

So whether you’re running Broad Street this year for a good cause or you’re already a member of the Park Conservancy, here’s a calendar of the six upcoming runs that’ll help you shape up — while showing you a whole new side of the park.

March 24: Run to the Giant Wooden Slide
Distance: Three to five miles
Trail: Boxers’ Trail
Special activity: You’ll take a slide down the Smith Memorial Playground’s huge wooden slide and check out the Laurel Hill Mansion porch.

March 31: Trolley Trail Run
Distance: Three to five miles
Trail: Trolley Trail
Special activity: You’ll run the Trolley Trail to the Trolley Bridge, then break for refreshments on the porch of the Chamounix Hostel.

April 7: Belmont Plateau Trails Run
Distance: Five to six miles
Trail: Belmont Plateau Trails
Special activity: You’ll run along the trail to the park’s Centennial Commons project, then check out the “Whispering Bench” at the Smith Memorial Arch.

April 14: FDR Park Run
Distance: Three to five miles
Trail: Through FDR Park and Navy Yard
Special activity: After the run, you’ll have the chance to visit the American Swedish Historical Museum for free.

April 21: The Cliff Ruins Run
Distance: Five to six miles
Trail: Road and trail run through East Fairmount Park
Special activity: You’ll run to the Cliffs House ruins, then you’ll take a trip to see an art installation at the Lemon Hill Mansion.

April 28: Houston Meadow Scenery Run
Distance: Five to six miles
Trail: Wissahickon trails through Houston Meadow
Special activity: The run will end at Cedars House Cafe, where attendees can purchase some well-earned refreshments.

You can find a map and more details for each run on the Conservancy’s website here. Happy training!

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