The Broad Street Run Lottery Is About to Open

And you only have 16 days to get your name in.

Broad Street Run | Photo by M. Edlow for VISIT PHILADELPHIA

The only thing that brings out our competitive spirit more than an actual race is the lottery to get into that race. While, yes, it’s not a competition to get into the race — it’s supposed to be random, after all — there are some guidelines we all have to follow if we want a shot at running this super-fun, super-Philly ten-mile race.

This year, the Broad Street Run is scheduled for Sunday, May 6, at 8 a.m. If you want in on the action, though, you’ll need to register for the race lottery, which opens on February 1 and remains open through February 16. That means you’ve only got 16 days to get your name in to see if you’re one of the lucky 40,000 people that get to lace up for the run.

Registering for the run isn’t totally straightforward, though, so here we’ll break down what you need to know.

What does it cost? 

The cost for every individual runner is $53. You will have to enter your credit card information when you enter the lottery, but you won’t be charged unless you’re selected to participate.

What’s the difference between registering as an individual vs. as a group? 

If you’re dead set on running the race with your training buddies, you’ll want to opt for Broad Street’s group registration option. What that means is one person will create a group name. Then, when the rest of the group registers, they’ll select the group name and add it to their ballot.

It doesn’t cost anything more to register as a group, but it does make it so either all of you are running — or none of you are. So if your group is chosen, you’re all in — if it’s not, you’re all out.

This doesn’t change your odds of getting in, though. Groups are treated as one individual entry. So if you won’t be crushed if you can’t hold hands while crossing the finish line, just go ahead and register as an individual.

How do I know if I’m in? 

The Broad Street Run organizers will post a list of accepted runners on the website by February 22.

But pro tip: Keep an eye on your credit card bill for that $53 charge. If you see it come up, you’re in.

I’ve run the race for YEARS. Do I have to enter the lottery? 

Yep! But here’s the deal: if you’ve run Broad Street ten times (either consecutive years or not), the the race organizers have your back. As long as you’ve registered for the lottery, ten-timers qualify for a “tenured” entry — meaning you’re guaranteed a bib. If you’re not selected for the lottery, just email and make your case there by March 1.

If I don’t make it in through the lottery, is there any other way to get in? 

Yes! If you sign up to run with a charity — like The American Cancer SocietyStudents Run Philly Style, Fairmount Park Conservancy, or Back On My Feet — you are guaranteed a bib. But it’s not a free pass: by signing up with a charity, you’re committed to raising at least $500 for that charity — which we’d call a win-win for everyone.

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