Freehouse Fitness is Offering $6 Rebounding Classes for a Good Cause

Super affordable rebounding classes at Freehouse Fitness? Yes way!


Photograph by Cherina Jones.

Remember the days when you would pester that one kid in the neighborhood that had a trampoline to let you come over after school and let you bounce around until dinner? We loved bouncing around as kids, and we still love it as adults. Which is why it was so exciting when a fave childhood activity landed in Philly in the summer of 2016 in the form of Freehouse Fitness‘ rebounding class (a.k.a. a trampoline workout).

Starting this Thursday, March 8, Freehouse Fitness is offering SUPER discounted rebounder classes with the proceeds directly benefitting Girls on the Run, a local organization aiming to boost the confidence, happiness, and health of young girls through fun physical activities.

Freehouse will be offering their classic Bounce rebounding class — which is a 30-minute, beginner-friendly energetic and fun cardio class that is perfect for new jumpers — twice a week on Thursdays at 8:45 a.m. and Saturdays at 11:30 a.m. The class is structured as follows: after 20 minutes of bouncing around, the speed of class will slow down for the last ten minutes with some sculpting moves (think: arms, abs, butt) that will change weekly. Plus, since this is only a 30-minute workout (and for six bucks to boot!) it packs in some toning with your cardio for the day.

Get in on these fun classes for a good cause by registering here. Freehouse plans on running these benefit classes for as long as there’s interest, so be sure to stop in for a class (or two or three!) to benefit Girls on the Run.

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