7 Peaceful Pennsylvania Airbnbs to Book for Your Next Mental Health Escape

Get away for the weekend.

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I’ve been lucky to travel to some cool places, but probably one of my favorite trips I’ve ever taken was when my husband and I drove 1.5 hours into rural West Virginia. Over New Year’s weekend, we holed up in a cabin, where we cooked fresh food; breathed in the fresh, city-smog-free air; and talked fresh goals for the year. We returned home de-stressed and ready to begin the year right.

I am a big fan of little mental health breaks like this. Taking the time to step away from your routines, to unplug from social media, and to get a little solitude feels pretty amazing. Of course, if you’re feeling worn down, you can always book a wellness retreat at a nearby resort.

But if you don’t have $500 to spend on spa treatments (girl, SAME), and peace, quiet, and solitude are all you’re really looking for, we’ve rounded up some Pennsylvania Airbnbs you can book. And bonus: they’re all within a 2.5-hour drive from Philadelphia.

The One With a Heated, Indoor Pool

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Drive time from Philly: A little over 2 hours

Space: 2,500 square feet; 4 bedrooms, 2 baths

Average price: $500 per night

Yes, you read that correctly. There’s a pool inside the house — er, mansion. And beside that pool, there’s a hot tub. And visible from the pool? A home theater projector screen for movie night. Picture this: a morning swim session followed by yoga on one of the house’s two decks, followed by a hike on a nearby nature trail, followed by a recovery dip in the hot tub. We feel more relaxed already, HBY?

The One With Zen Decor and a Backyard Pool

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Drive time from Philly: 2 hours

Space: 3 bedrooms, 2 baths

Average price: $350 per night

There’s something about being in a beautiful, well-designed space that makes us feel like heaving out a big sigh of relief. Which shouldn’t be surprising — isn’t that sort of what feng shui is all about? So the fact that this “country chalet” — which is surrounded by trees at the end of a dead-end road — has great decor in addition to a huge deck and pool out back are just a few reasons we love it. We can already imagine sipping a matcha latte at the butcher-block kitchen counters, then sneaking outside from some sunrise vinyasa on the deck. Oh, and there’s also a hot tub — because of course there is.

The One With Lake Views and Boating

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Drive time from Philly: 2 hours

Space: 5 bedrooms, 3 baths

Average price: $299 per night

Who hasn’t felt less stressed while watching lake water lap at the banks? This home’s lakefront property makes it a prime place for taking time to chill and meditate in solitude. While the home itself could use a little updating, the outdoors area more than makes up for it — especially because the owners leave a pedal boat, canoe, kayaks, and life jackets on site for guests to use. And if being in the water is more your style than being on the water, there’s also a hot tub, where you can look out at the lake — or the stars.

The One With a Wood-Fired Sauna

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Drive time from Philly: 2.5 hours

Space: 2 bedrooms, 3 baths

Average price: $105 per night

We’re not going to lie — this wood cabin is definitely the most rustic of the options here. But it’s also surrounded by 12 acres of forest, so you know you’ll get some serious alone time and the wood-fired Finnish sauna (pictured above) on the property is a pretty hard-to-beat amenity. You can spend your days exploring the surrounding nature, walking to the nearby lake, or sitting by the outdoor fire pit.

The One With No Distractions

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Drive time from Philly: Under 2 hours

Space: Studio, 1 bath

Average price: $114 per night

American consumerism has us convinced we need So. Much. Stuff. And sometimes all that stuff can get overwhelming. And stressful. So what better way to clear your head and reset your perspective than to rent out a tiny house for the weekend? This one is set on farmland outside of Lancaster for a truly zen escape. And for those of us who are terrible at unplugging, there’s no wifi and no television here — so you can finally crack into that book or start that meditation plan you’re always too distracted to get to.

The One With a Backyard Oasis

Drive time from Philly: 1 hour

Space: 6 bedrooms, 3.5 baths

Average price: $750 per night

Okay, so granted, this one is on the pricey side. That said, it sleeps 12 — so if you’re not just looking for solitude, why not book it with some girlfriends and host your own weekend wellness retreat? There’s a heated pool outback that’s naturally landscaped to match its surroundings, gorgeous deck space, a fire pit, and — wait for it — a tennis court. Just picture: you’ll start your morning writing down your intentions in the light-flooded breakfast nook, go for a swim, read a book on the porch, then end the day in the soaking tub. All that’s left to do is wave buh-bye to stress.

The One With a Meditation Deck 

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Drive time from Philly: 2.5 hours

Space: 3 bedrooms, 2 baths

Average price: $98 per night

Another home that lands on the more rustic end of the spectrum, this mountain cottage is replete with privacy. And while you’re enjoying your solitude in nature, you can also enjoy quiet time on the meditation deck — which is set above a mini waterfall, so no need to pack your running water soundtrack. There’s also a firepit outside and a fire inside for all the cozy vibes, and a jacuzzi tub (which fits two, ahem) to wash all your stress right away.

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