Four Sledding Tips From an Olympic Luger

Berwick, Pennsylvania's Jayson Terdiman on how to make the most of your next snow day.

Illustration by Charlie Layton

Olympic luger Jayson Terdiman, who hails from Berwick, Pennsylvania, is a true pro at shooting downhill by sled. Bookmark his tried-and-true tips for your next snow day spent cruising down the Art Museum steps.

1. Don’t be afraid to raid your kitchen.
No sled? No worries. Terdiman says a plastic trash-can lid works just fine — even better when greased with a bit of PAM cooking spray.

2. Position yourself like a pro.
Sitting upright while heading downhill slows you, Terdiman notes. For top speed and stability, sit at the front end of your sled, then lie back flat.

3. The more, the merrier.
When aiming for “Wheeee”-inducing speed, piling pals onto your sled — heaviest in the front, lightest in the back — helps gravity work its magic.

4. Don’t seek out the road less traveled.
Pretty as it is, fresh, fluffy snow isn’t ideal for sledding. The more packed a path, the faster you’ll shoot down it, Terdiman says.

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Published as “Get Your Games Face On: Luge Lessons” in the February 2018 issue of Philadelphia magazine.