7 Products a Philly Wellness Guru Can’t Live A Week Without

Read on for her "cheap green juice" concoction because, well, cheap juice.

Background by AnnaSivak from istock.

You can find Kate Van Horn noodling away on her laptop in some Center City coffeeshop or taking over the Hotel Monaco Instagram feed for a weekend from time to time, but what she’s best known for is as the local wellness blogger, lover of plant-based foods, and dog mom behind @ kate.van.horn. When she isn’t posting drool-worthy dishes and recipes on Instagram, Van Horn is planning killer health and wellness events with her crew at the Good Fest and B+YOND, where she resides as a co-creator for both.

If you’ve spent any time wondering What the heck is that green stuff she’s drinking all the time? or Where does she get her workout clothes?— you can stop wondering because Van Horn has shared her top seven must-have, can’t-live-without, products below, plus handy links to help you score your very own.

ChlorOxygen Chlorophyll Concentrate

“I drink chlorophyll everyday, and get asked about it on Instagram all the time. It’s super detoxifying, great source of antioxidants and my favorite part, a conversation starter! This super dark green water has become a staple in my routine. I like to think of it as cheap green juice.” $22.03 from Swanson Vitamins.

Pocket Pharmacy 

“I keep this product in my purse; it’s small roll-on essential oil blends that aid with different ailments. For example, the Peppermint Halo roll-on is good for headaches, Gutzy helps with an upset stomach, and one called Fortify tames a cough or sore throat. I reach for these before anything over the counter if I start to not feel well.” $59.95 from Saje.

Kite Hill Chive Cream Cheese

“Easily my favorite dairy-free product of all time. I buy it each and every week and add it to just about everything. Tacos in place of sour cream, on toast, in rice and veggie bowls, in quesadillas with black beans, add a scoop with eggs and greens — the list goes on.” $6.19 from Whole Foods.

Groceries Apparel Tanks, Crops, and Leggings

“I love this ethical brand that uses recycled materials and plant-based dyes, where everything is made in safe working conditions in their LA factory.  Their tanks, crop tops, and leggings are all super soft and cozy. Fun to work out in, or lounge in!” $68 from Groceries Apparel.

The Wild Unknown Tarot Cards

“New to tarot, but obsessed and have been learning about them a lot. I was drawn to this specific deck many times, and finally picked them up for myself in a store in NYC a couple months ago. The imagery is beautiful, and the guidebook that comes with it makes deciphering the cards less daunting — it’s very clear and relatable. Even though I’m SO new to tarot, but I love doing readings on my friends, but it’s important to remember they are not predicting the future. The cards are simply tools to tap into our intuition. My favorite part of them, so far, has been the meaningful conversations I have had with friends and family who have let me read their cards.” $40 from The Wild Unknown.


“Not a product, but a monthy online subscription to a ton of amazing yoga and meditation classes to do from home. Great for travel, developing a home yoga practice, or  for anyone with a super busy schedule or a tight budget! I love using this as a way to breakup my work day by doing a short flow in the afternoon. Plus. the teachers are fantastic.” $18 per month for unlimited practice on YogaGlo.

COOLA’s tinted BB Cream

“SPF is so important! I wear this BB cream everyday — and that’s about it, makeup-wise! COOLA has fantastic sun care products and the ingredients are the most natural and organic I’ve found when searching for a non-toxic SPF product.” $36 from COOLA.

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