20 Healthy Philly Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Right Now

Nothing like a gorgeous plate of veggies to make you start craving veggies.

Photographs by @plantbasedblonde, @lauryannraik, and @ashleybewellness.

The beginning of a new year may be the time when you’re supposed to be committed to eating healthy, but we gotta tell you: The cravings for comfort foods don’t magically disappear after January 1.

To keep us on track, we like to keep as much healthy-eating inspo in front of our faces as possible. Since we’re always glued to Instagram, we’re filling our feeds with as many healthy smoothies, avocado-smeared foods, and rainbow bowls as possible.

Ready to turn your Instagram feed into a healthy-eating mood board? Here’s where to get started.

Plant Based Blonde


If Caroline Ginolfi’s colorful, totally plant-based foods don’t get you hankering for some veggies, we don’t know what will.

Mad About Food


Come for all of Madeline’s many, many uses of avocado, stay for the easy and smart meal ideas, like this quick packed lunch.

She Be Kale In It


We love all the delicious-looking food Kate Van Horn shares on her feed — almost as much as we love when her adorable dog makes an appearance.

Health Coach Philly

For a little indulgence mixed in with all your diligence, Jess Baumgardner is full of inspiration — like these nachos, or these killer brownies.

Ashley B. Wellness


We love that Ashley Brooke not only shows us the gorgeous food, but gives us the recipes — like this one for buffalo cauliflower tacos — so we can make them ourselves.

Amy Silveria


Given that Amy von Sydow Green is a registered dietitian, you can rest assured she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to eating well. Plus, her ideas rock — who would’ve thought to put cauliflower in a smoothie?

Two Hungry Work Wives


If comfort foods are the name of the game, Melissa and Liz (who are also both registered dietitians) have your back. There’s these sweet potato pancakes — or there’s these lamb meatballs. YUM.

Nourishing Matters

The way recipe developer Emily Watson shows off not only her own creations, but also the way she eats well around town, is totally inspiring.

Nourish. Breathe. Thrive.


As a registered dietitian, Katie Cavuto has the food-knowledge to get a little creative — like she did with these herb oils.

Laury Ann Raik 

From her recipes to her yoga poses, Laury Ann’s account is filled with good ideas for a healthier year ahead.

Amy Dietitian


If you’re looking for health hacks — like this Sweetgreen imitation salad — or just ways to fill every meal with more veggies, registered dietitian Amy Goldstein can help.

The Philasophy


Thank goodness chocolate isn’t banned from healthy eating — especially if eaten in the form that Jenna Stern suggests.

BMW Wellness Ride


We’re not sure why food served in bowls always looks so good, but we are here for this rice bowl from Bridget Molly.

Lydia Halbert

Late morning snack ╳ food for a healthy gut & flat belly #gethealthywithlyd

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Nutrition and lifestyle coach Lydia Halbert’s account is filled with all the things we want to be eating right now — and all the vacations we want to be taking.

Stripp’d Juice


For all the colorful açai bowls and juices your eyeballs can handle, look no further than Philly’s own Stripp’d Juice shop.

Real Food Eatery

If you like perusing Instagram, then going out to eat exactly what you just paused over in your feed, then following Philly’s Real Food Eatery is a much.

Goldie Falafel


From tehina shakes to falafel, Goldie is a non-meat eater’s best foodie friend.

PS And Co


Everything at Philly eatery P.S. & Co. is organic and vegan. Really? Really.

Snap Kitchen


They’re good at getting the good stuff — like this healthy twist on shrimp and grits — to your house. They’re also good at making you crave it like, right now.

Vedge Philadelphia

Looking for ways to eat your plain ol’ veggies, but fancier? Philly restaurant Vedge is non-stop inspiration for all of your vegetable-filled meals.
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