See Photos From Our Secret Pop-Up Event at BlueCross RiverRink

BWP Undergrounders hit the ice.

Photograph by Susan Nam.

Be Well Philly Underground strikes again! This time, our super-secret pop-up workout destination was the BlueCross RiverRink Winterfest, where we had a seriously chilly and seriously FUN night of ice skating.

We started the night off in the chalet-inspired lodge — seriously, guys, the place looks straight out of a ski resort — where the BWP Undergrounders had a chance to throw their hats in the ring for three pairs of Bose headphones (thanks, Verizon!) and a gift basket from Victory Brewing Company. Some of us slipped outside to snap some photos in the air-balloon themed photo booth, by Independence BlueCross.

Undergrounders stayed warm in the lodge. Photograph by Susan Nam.

BarkThins brought the snacks. Photograph by Susan Nam.

Undergrounders tasted brews from Victory Brewing Company. Photograph by Susan Nam.

Next, we laced up our skates and hit the ice. Some of us literally hit the ice. (Kidding! Or am I? I’ll never tell.) With the sparkling, twinkle-lit trees surrounding the rink, the smell of burning wood drifting over from the outdoor fire pits, and the slick, shining ice, we might as well have been in an adorable mountaintop town.

Photograph by Susan Nam.

Photograph by Susan Nam.

After making several rounds (and several Boomerangs; we can’t help ourselves!), we bundled back into the lodge to warm up the nostalgic way — at the hot cocoa bar — and the adult way — with beer samples from Victory Brewing Company. We also replaced some of those calories we’d torched on the ice — my calves were feeling it — with BarkThins snacking chocolate (if you haven’t tried the coconut flavor, go, right now, and do it).

An air balloon-themed photo booth. Photograph by Susan Nam.

The outdoor fire pits kept skaters warm. Photograph by Susan Nam.

Guests warmed up with hot cocoa in the lodge. Photograph by Susan Nam.

Nothing cures a chilly night like a hot cocoa bar. Photograph by Susan Nam.

We want to say a huge thank you to all our partners that make fun nights like this possible and to Independence BlueCross for hosting us at their magical ice rink! If you want to get in on the super-secret workout in January (Trust us, you do. It’s gonna be goooood.), then make sure to sign up for the BWP Underground alerts here.

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