Snap Kitchen Is Making Sticking to Your Diet That Much Easier

Through their new subscription program, you can have a week's worth of diet-friendly meals delivered.

Photograph courtesy Snap Kitchen.

When Snap Kitchen announced they were shuttering two of their Center City locations, we were all a little bummed. Good lunch spots are hard to come by, after all.

One of the reasons given for the closures was the success of online ordering through their app, which was launched early this year. Now, Snap Kitchen is doubling down on digital with a new Snap Meal Plan Subscriptions service.

So, how’s it work? Instead of just buying meals individually, Snap subscribers can get a three, five, or seven-day meal plan. A “day” on the Snap meal plan starts at $29 and consists of three meals and two snacks (yay for snacks!) and you’ll have the choice between 1200, 1500, or 1800 calories a day. You also have the choice between different dietary styles: Paleo, Whole30, low carb, high protein, and “balance” (a.k.a. good-for-you comfort food) are all options.

Photograph courtesy Snap Kitchen.

While this all sounds super convenient, we think the biggest benefit of the Snap subscription program is the fact that Snap’s in-house dietitian will put together the multi-day menu for you. That means you automatically get a pro’s stamp of approval on your meal choices. And while you’ll be given this preset menu to go by, it’s also customizable: Can’t stand kale? You can swap out that meal for another of your choosing.

Photograph courtesy Snap Kitchen.

Once you’ve selected your menu, your meals will be dropped off every two to three days, with free delivery. Since they’re all fully prepared meals, you won’t need to grocery shop, chop up veggies, or count calories; it’s all been done for you.

The subscription program will be available through the Snap Kitchen app starting on January 1 — just in time for all those New Years’ resolutions to start.

Correction: A former version of this story mentioned ten-day plans. Snap Kitchen’s longest plan is currently seven days.