This Chakra Workshop Legit Sounds Like the Most Relaxing Saturday Ever

Give yourself a break from the holiday mania.

Photo courtesy of Sanctuary Yoga and Mindfulness

The holidays can leave us feeling seriously out of whack — that’s just a plain fact — so, it’s up to us to sort of, um, hit the reset button from time to time during this hectic season. Fortunately for us, Sanctuary Yoga and Mindfulness is hosting a chakra workshop this weekend at their studio (1233 Locust Street), in perfect time for a mid-season check in. Learn tactics for handling holiday stress, methods for setting mindful New Years resolutions and intentions and tie it all together with some light movement — all while learning a TON about chakras and how they work. This sounds VERY chill, right?

Sanctuary Yoga and Mindfulness studio owner, Kilkenny Tremblay, will be offering this three-hour workshop for the second year on Saturday, December 2, from 2 to 5 p.m. The workshop will start with the basics, covering topics like WTF are chakras even?, plus where they are and how they operate in our bodies. Learn how create more wholeness and balance in day-to-day life by working with your chakras, which are directly correlated to our psyches. After all of that is covered, attendees will then be lead through a series of meditational and yogic practices for each individual chakra, learning it’s unique attributes and empowerments. So, in addition to being a super chill Saturday, it will be an educational one to boot!

Tickets for this three-hour workshop will run you $45, which includes your take home packet and essential oil samples (yes please!). You can sign up here. Happy chakra balancing!

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