The Checkup: This Is the Best (And Cheapest!) Day to Buy Avocados

And some more important reads to lead you into a happy and healthy weekend.

• First, you hear there’s an avocado shortage (which is why they’re so freaking expensive), so you do everything you can to get a lot out of a little avocado. But still, despite your best efforts, your avocado habits are ringing up a hefty bill. We can relate. But as it turns out, the day you shop could affect your bill: Apparently, according to data, the best day to buy avocados is Wednesday when they are, on average, 25 percent cheaper. Yes, 25 percent. [Well + Good]

• Important, because I know that I’m not the only one who literally always forgets this: Daylight Savings is ending this Sunday, November 5th, which means that we gain an extra hour of sleep. Sounds good, right? But here are five ways that can impact your health. [Health]

• Apparently, the biggest stressor for most Americans is not work or finances, but the future of the nation. Yikes. [TIME]

• Here, the best methods for keeping much-needed nutrients intact while cooking. And yes, my fellow lazy cooks, microwaving does make the list. [Greatist]

• In an effort to improve air quality, Louisville, Kentucky is conducting a one-of-a-kind study: The city will be planting thousands of trees in order to examine how planting impacts cardiovascular health. Because, you know, trees help clean the air. [MindBodyGreen]

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