The Checkup: How to Trick Yourself Into Falling Asleep Faster at Night

And more healthy reads to get you through your Thursday!

• If you rely on Ambien to get your eyes to shut at night, here’s another method you may want to try: A new book argues that sleep restriction is the trick that will help you fall asleep without too much tossing and turning at night. Interestingly enough, it involves intentionally giving yourself less sleep than you need to start, which helps our brains to build up the chemical adenosine, which helps to make us sleepy. Hmm, we’re intrigued. [The Atlantic]

Non-dairy coffee drinkers, your time has come. Starbucks just announced that they’ll soon be offering bottled Frappuccinos and Doubleshot Coffee Smoothies made with almond milk. [Well + Good]

 Considering going vegan? You’re going to need to do some planning before you ditch the animal products. [Men’s Health]

• Uber for birth control exists. Nurx is a new app that delivers contraceptives to your door, and it’s helping women who live in “contraceptive deserts” gain access. [NBC News]

 A new study shows that when using too much brainpower during an intense workout, your workout suffers. [New York Times]

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