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Sleep Tricks

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This Pennsylvania Couple May Have Found the Sounds That Will Put You to Sleep

It was 3 a.m. — or sometime thereabouts, in the waning hours of the night — and Wei-Shin Lai couldn’t sleep. Again. A Penn State […]

Be Well Philly

The Checkup: How to Trick Yourself Into Falling Asleep Faster at Night

• If you rely on Ambien to get your eyes to shut at night, here’s another method you may want to try: A new book argues that […]

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How to Tell If You Actually Got a Good Night of Sleep

We all know that there are some trustworthy tricks to set yourself up for a good night’s sleep (like not taking a hot shower before bed and sleeping with […]

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How Staying Up Later Could Be the Key to Better Sleep

Trouble sleeping? You’re not alone. An estimated 60 million Americans suffer from chronic sleeplessness every year. And while reaching for an Ambien might seem like […]

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The Checkup: 7 Benadryl-Free Allergy Remedies That Actually Work

• Allergy season is upon us, friends. But not to fear: Here, seven natural allergy remedies that science says work, like loading up on vitamin-packed […]

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Why You Should Sleep With Your Socks On

Going to bed with your socks still on your feet might sound a little weird to some of you — kind of like wearing a […]

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The Checkup: THIS Is the Exact Time You Should Go to Bed

• If you and the snooze button are best friends, you so need this: the trick to finding the exact time you should go to bed so […]