The Checkup: 7 Benadryl-Free Allergy Remedies That Actually Work

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• Allergy season is upon us, friends. But not to fear: Here, seven natural allergy remedies that science says work, like loading up on vitamin-packed spirulina and getting your workout on. [Prevention

• Add this to your wish list: A smart new cooking pan that basically does all the cooking for you. Seriously! [The Week]

• If you found yourself tossing and turning for hours last night you need to take a look at this handy chart showcasing just about every sleep hack in the book. [Huffington Post]

• Did you know you can recycle pickle juice to make more pickled veggies? Genius, right? That, plus a slew of other creative ways to use leftover food scraps, right this way. [Whole Story]

• Welp, if you’ve been cleaning your ears with Q-tips for your entire life (me too), it’s time to stop. Apparently, using a Q-tip to clean out earwax can actually cause you to produce way more earwax. No, thank you! [Women’s Health]

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