The Checkup: The Unexpected Culprits Behind Your Pooping Problems

Here, your midweek health check.

• So, you’re trying to lose weight and it’s going pretty well for the first couple of weeks or so, and then you start to notice some, erm, bathroom weirdness. Well, depending on how you’re going about your weight-loss efforts, it could be impacting your poop. Here, you’ll find six weight-loss strategies and tactics — like a fiber and fat overload or sugar-free alternatives — that are likely at fault for some of your pooping problems. [Men’s Health]

• Food poisoning — which is often blamed on gross takeout — can also be the result of not-so clean (or perhaps uninformed) meal-prep practices. Follow these five meal-prep rules to ensure that your lunchtime quinoa and veggie salad doesn’t send you running to the toilet. [Greatist]

• Give this yoga-inspired push-up variation a try to tighten your tummy and tone those arms — you won’t regret it. [Women’s Health]

• In news of cleaning products that won’t stink up your house with toxic ingredients, this one is made entirely of plants. [MindBodyGreen]

• If you’re constantly trying to up your work lunch game, while still trying to eat healthy, here’s a month’s worth of healthy and drool-worthy lunch ideas to keep your mouth, mind and tummy happy. [POPSUGAR]

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