Massive Vegetable Recall Includes Veggies From Trader Joe’s, Walmart and More

Check your crisper drawer.

If you bought packaged veggies recently, it’s time to check them. Mann Packing, a vegetable wholesaler, is recalling products sold across the U.S. and Canada under over 20 brand names due to possible listeria contamination. During a random inspection by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, one of their products tested positive for listeria, fueling the recall. As of now, nobody has reported illness.

Trader Joe’s, Walmart and Aldi are just three of the stores where the veggies were sold. The veggies affected have a ‘Best if Used By’ stamp from October 11th through 20th and items included in the recall range from Trader Joe’s Kohlrabi Salad Blend to broccoli florets sold at Walmart to hummus trays sold under various names, and more. You can see the full list of recalled products here. If you have any of the items in your crisper drawer, throw them out or return them to the retailer for a refund.

For generally healthy folk, listeria can cause a slew of health problems including nausea, headaches, and fever, but symptoms are more severe for children, the elderly, pregnant women and others with weakened immune systems. So again, check your vegetable drawer, people!

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