The Checkup: 5 Fast-Food Breakfasts You Won’t Regret Eating

And more must-know info to kickstart your weekend!

• Confession: In 2012, my New Year’s resolution was this: Stop eating McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches (REALLY!). Because I freakin’ love McDonald’s egg and cheese biscuit sandwiches — but you can feel your intestines begging the question “Whyyy?” as you ingest one. Here, though, five fast-food breakfasts that you won’t immediately regret eating, as chosen by nutritionists. Because sometimes, you find yourself in front of a Dunkin’ Donuts with seven minutes to get to work and growling stomach. [Prevention]

• Um, can someone get Foodworks to come to Philly? They’re a co-working space to help food start-ups excel. (Read: so many more new healthy snacks to try.) [Well + Good]

• It’s a wild, wild world out there, runners: Folks are now cheating their way into races via Instagram. [Wired]

• Next time you’re choosing between a bag of red and white onions, go red: Turns out, they contain more of the antioxidants that give onions cancer-fighting powers. [Women’s Health]

• Interesting! A new line of skincare products is all about treating women’s skincare woes based on where they are in their menstrual cycle. Because pre-period breakouts are real, people. [Fast Company]

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