The Checkup: This Time-Tracking Trick Will Make You Way More Productive

And more reads to kick off an awesome (and healthy!) Thursday!

• Okay so this strategy is going to sound a little micro-manage-y, but stick with me friends: Way back when, Ben Franklin would plan out, virtually, every minute of his day. He created designated times for work, eating and even recreation, creating a timeline of sorts, giving every moment purpose, resulting in high productivity (see: inventions). Here, one woman reports on picking up ol’ Benny’s timekeeping habits and how it supercharged her productivity. She went from being a last-minute Louise to having free time to cook and even workout. Why? Because a timeline means accountability — planning every moment of the day made her feel liable to complete every task. [The Cut]

• The only thing that could make chocolate cake better is if it was superpowered, like this decadent chocolate cake featuring maca, an adaptogen great for energy and stress relief. YUM. [Health]

•  PSA: Stop spending money on the U-Shaped neck pillows. Here, an investigation into the travel staple’s uselessness. [The Atlantic]

• This small mom-and-pop-style pharmacy in Washington D.C. delivers medicine right to our country’s leaders at the White House. [STAT]

• For the days when you’re not feeling a trip to the gym or a trek to your nearest running or biking path, here are some no-joke cardio workouts that you can do in your living room. [POPSUGAR]

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