The Checkup: A Surprising Benefit to Getting Just 1 Hour of Exercise Each Week

And more health-related reads to help you get through the midweek slump.

• A recent study out of Australia suggests getting just one hour of exercise each week could prevent some cases of depression. Over the course of the 12-year study, those who didn’t exercise at the start were 44 percent more likely to become depressed than those who reported exercising a measly one to two hours per week. [TIME]

• The solution to all of your wilted-green and mushy-herb woes: the Vejibag. It’s a cotton bag for veggies and greens, designed to to increase their shelf life, that this reporter says kept her kale fresh for — wait for it — 16 days! Is it too early to start a Christmas wish list? [The Strategist]

• If you are a runner, new or old, check out these five tips for building endurance and pushing past your current running benchmark. [POPSUGAR]

• Awesome: France has enacted a policy requiring brands to label retouched photos as such in all advertisements. [MindBodyGreen]

• Because it’s all too easy to get caught up in the act of doing yoga while totally forgetting the whole purpose of your practice: Here are eight yoga myths myth-busted by a yoga expert. [Greatist]

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