The Checkup: One Big Culprit Behind Sugar Cravings (and How to Keep Them at Bay)

Plus more reads to send you into a healthy weekend.

• You know when you’re out running errands and you skip lunch because you’re so focused on checking items off of your list, then get home hours later and freak out on your S.O. over, um, nothing? Enter the dreaded state of being hangry. When you’re hangry, your blood sugar has dropped, resulting in irritability, aggression and, oftentimes, sugar cravings because the body craves sweets to bring your blood sugar back up. The trick to keep these sugar cravings and crankiness at bay? Pack smart snacks — like fruits, veggies and yogurt — so you don’t reach peak hanger. [Health]

• Vegans, rejoice! Halo Top, the healthy-ish and low-calorie ice cream company churning out protein-packed ice cream for dairy-eaters has just released seven (!!) vegan takes on their classics, like Peanut Butter Cup and Sea Salt Caramel. [POPSUGAR]

• If you have spent your life wondering “WTF is belly button lint?” look no further, for science has the answer: It’s exactly what it sounds like — a collection of lost clothing fibers that have wandered into the nearest cubby they could find. [TIME]

• Having beautiful and healthy hair doesn’t have to break the bank. Proof? This gal’s budget-friendly haircare routine, featuring a conditioner from none other than good ol’ Trader Joe’s. [The Cut]

• If you struggle to get out of bed for those 6:30 a.m. workouts you plan without morning you in mind, working out in bed might be the key to your workout success. [Greatist]

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