The Checkup: When You Should (and Shouldn’t) Go Commando

And more healthy reads to peruse while sipping your coffee.

• Going commando, despite what your mother may have told you, isn’t always a bad idea. Your lady parts need a little breathing room every now and then, gynecologist Donnica Moore tells Health. But when you go commando is worth paying attention to: she notes that when wearing jeans or tights yoga pants, you want to keep your undies on. [Health]

• Breaking up is hard to do. And it’s hard on your body, too. Lovesickness is a real thing, and it elevates stress hormones, which can weaken your immune system and cause inflammation. The cure? Spending time with people you love. (And no, this doesn’t include your ex.) [Well + Good]

• Insert round of applause here. That’s for CVS, which is now limiting certain prescriptions to seven days in order to help combat the national opioid crisis. [Refinery29]

• Though it’s 90 degrees now, we have hope that fall weather is approaching. Cue the comfort food cravings. When those hit, these 14 low-cal, high-flavor comfort food dinner recipes won’t sacrifice your healthy habits. [SELF]

• If you need a reason to develop healthier habits, look to Netflix: Here are nine of their most uplifting, provocative and informative health documentaries. [POPSUGAR]

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