The Checkup: The Secret to Rescuing Any Leftover Dish in Your Fridge

Plus more reads to kick off a happy and healthy day.

• Let’s be real: Leftovers are amazing — it’s literally pre-cooked food sitting in your fridge waiting to be eaten with very little effort. Not to mention, they’re super budget-friendly. But knowing how to reheat what can be a little (er, a lot) tricky: Can you even reheat fries or sandwiches? How do I reheat fish without ending up with a gross, overcooked slab? Well, friend, Bon Appétit’s new Basically verticle has our backs with this super-detailed guide filled with the secret to reheating any type of leftover food you could ever run into without ruining it. The sweet angels have even split the leftovers up by category: fried foods, takeout favorites, grains, etc. We praise you. [Bon Appétit]

• Um, yuck: Researchers out of Vancouver Island University have found — for lack of a better word — a crap ton of plastic particles in shellfish. [Grub Street]

• Lately, Ruth Bader Ginsberg‘s workout regimen has been getting a lot of attention. One brave journalist worked out with the 84-year-old’s trainer and barely lived to tell the tale. Check out the details on how RBG throws down in the gym. Spoiler alert: It’s no joke. [SELF]

• Very unfortunately, porta-potties are an inevitable aspect of life. You run into them at races, concerts and festivals and, as we all know, the situation ain’t always pretty. Here, your guide to all things porta-potty, from etiquette to problem-solving when things go awry. [Runner’s World].

• Embracing stress by looking at it as a positive challenge might just be the ticket to propelling yourself forward in your career. [Well + Good]

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